Thomas Woodrow Wilson

    Thomas Woodrow Wilson, U.S Army, was killed on Cebu, an island in the Philippines on April 15,
    1945. Wilson is the only Hopedale man killed in World War II for whom I've been unable to find a
    Milford Daily News article reporting the death. His name is on the Hopedale war memorial at the
    Hopedale Village Cemetery and also on the monument at Draper Memorial Park in Milford. He grew
    up at 17 Grove Street in Milford. The street listing books at the Bancroft Library show Woodrow and
    his wife, Margaret, living at 44 Hopedale Street from 1943 to 1945. Margaret lived there until 1947.
    She was at 7 Maple Street in 1948, and after that moved out of town. I remember the family because
    his son, John, was a classmate of mine up through about third grade. My mother remembered the
    family because they had been neighbors on Grove Street. At the time of the rededication of Draper
    Memorial Park in 1992, a donation in Wilson's memory was made by his daughter, Margaret
    (Wilson) Testa.

    I don't understand what's meant by Dead Pacific on the card below his picture. At first I thought it
    was the date when he was killed, but the year for that is in 1943 and the date when his service
    began was in 1944. It also gives the date of 4/15/45 as "Service terminated." That's the date of his
    death given in the Milford News article and elsewhere. You'll note that the card says "Over," and
    "Remarks on reverse side," but the side shown is all that was sent to me.

    The gravestone shown on this page is at St. Mary's Cemetery, Milford. Gertrude certainly had a sad
    life. Her husband died in 1944, and her son, Thomas, in 1945. Her other two sons buried there also
    died before she did.

    Thanks for assistance in finding information on Wilson to Lynn Lovell and Anne Lamontaigne of the
    Milford Historical Commission and the Milford Museum, and to Milford historian, Paul Curran. Dan
    Malloy, May 2011.

    In 2015, I found from Wilson's daughter, Margaret "Peggy" Testa that the article about her father's
    death was in the Milford News on May 7, so that's when I was able to find it on microfilm at the
    Milford Library. The fact that the headline refers to him as a Milford man is probably the reason the
    clipping wasn't at the Bancroft Library. However, he had been living in Hopedale for a couple of
    years and his family was there at the time of his death. His name is on the war memorial at
    Hopedale Village Cemetery.

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    Wilson's name on the war memorial
    at General Draper Park in Milford.