White woodland asters, (top) such as these, are very common along the
    roadside in The Parklands, although these were found growing along the road
    leading into Draper Field.  I haven't seen any New Enland asters in Hopedale
    this year (although I've often seem them behind my house) so I took the picture
    of the one here (bottom) in front of the new Milford cat shelter on 140.  There are
    some that look quite a bit like New England asters along Hopedale Pond but I
    think they're actually purple-stemmed asters.  This is a good example of
    confusion in common names for plants.  In the Audubon Field Guide to New
    England the purple-stemmed aster (Aster puniceus) is also known as bristly
    aster and swamp aster.  However, the Audubon field guide to North American
    Wildflowers doesn't list a purple-stemmed aster but it does have a bristly aster,
    aka stiff aster. This bristly aster isn't the same as the one listed in the Field
    Guide to New England, though.  It's scientific name is Aster linariifolius.
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