World War I Victory Celebration
and Honor Roll

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Article from the Milford Daily News, November 12, 1918.

    Note that the honor roll above is a list of former students who attended Hopedale
    High School; not a complete list of Hopedale residents who served in the war.

    The photo above shows the Town Hall in 1919, decorated for a
    welcome home banquet for the veterans. The picture appeared
    in the Hopedale Town Report for 1919. The Honor Roll can be
    seen at the right of the building. Below, also from the 1919
    Town Report, is a photo of the tables set up for the welcome
    home banquet, a message from the Welcome Home
    Committee, and a list of those who served during the war.

    The article above is from the January 31 issue of the Milford
    Gazette. The names Paul Harris and Raymond Piper aren't on it
    because they died later. Those who died after the war but had
    gone into the service during the war are included as war
    casualties. The name Augustus C. Kennedy is a new one to me.
    Here he is on this list of war dead, (gold star) but his name isn't  
    on the memorial at the cemetery. His name is on the town
    website list for World War I, but without an asterisk denoting
    those who died. I suppose he might have been reported killed
    and later found to have survived. Something like that happened
    to Charles Stewart during World War II, but if that was the case
    with Kennedy, you'd think by the end of January 1919 they'd
    know he had survived. I've looked through the lists of residents
    at the Bancroft Library from 1916 through 1924. His name
    doesn't appear on any of them. Also, the town report for 1917
    lists all residents in the armed services and Kennedy isn't on
    that list either. Perhaps he lived in town briefly, at the time of his
    enlistment. As far as being killed is concerned, I think that was a
    mistake made when the article was written. It mentions the gold
    star by his name, but there isn't one. His name is at the bottom
    of the second panel.