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Abolitionism in the Hopedale Community  

Accidents, Disasters and Tragedies  

Architecture in Hopedale – architectural information on homes and buildings in the Hopedale Village National Register District

Buildings, Businesses, Cemeteries, Churches, Organizations, and Town Departments

Draper Corporation and Draper Family  


Grafton & Upton Railroad

Group Pictures from decades ago

Hopedale Community – 1841 – 1856  

Hopedale History Ezines – 1 to 428  

Hopedale history timeline  

Hopedale Reminiscences – Memories written in 1910, by people who, as children, lived in the Hopedale Utopian commune of the 1840s and 1850s.

Hopedale South of Route 16 

Hopedale on YouTube – Video and slide shows.

Links to Hopedale related sites 

Little Red Shop – history and pictures

Little Red Shop interior – photos of looms, etc.

Little Red Shop renovation – photos of the project from 2007 to the grand re-opening in 2009.

Maps and Aerial Views  

Memories – individual and family stories



Neighboring Towns, Lakes and Rivers

Now and Then – pictures taken a century or so apart.

Park, Parklands, Pond and Sports

Recent Pictures (“Month pages” and more) – 2005-2007     2008    2009    2010   2011     2012    2013    2014    2015      2016     2017     2018     2019    2020    2021  2022    2023    2024    

Short Stories and Pictures  

Street and Place names origins, etc  


War Veterans 

Wildflowers of Hopedale


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Recent pages added

Hopedale in July  

Ezine for JuneUp in Smoke  

Hopedale in June  

Fairy walk  

Memorial Day  

Ezine for May – Rico Buys Patrick’s  

Hopedale in May  

Ezine for AprilHenry Patrick Stores  

Hopedale in April  

Overdale Parkway Dispute  

FAQs and MDN articles on G&U/West Street land issue from Nov. 2021 into May 2024.

Distribution center project on former Rosenfeld property


Biographies (Short) of Prominent Hopedale Citizens
Directory, 1898   Streets, businesses, etc      List of residents 
Garages (Car garages for Draper house people.)
History of Hopedale (From the book, Images of America: Hopedale.)
Home School (Hopedale Community school, 1850s)
Hopedale in 1881,   1888, 1905,   1910,   1916,   1946, 1952,   1953
Hopedale As I Found It  (Hopedale in 1910.)
Hopedale photos from the 1890s from the American Antiquarian Soc.)
Iceout (First day each year when Hopedale Pond is clear of ice.)
Lilliputian weddings  
A Shell(Song about the Draper plant)
Sleepy Little Town(Hopedale song on YouTube.)
Gilbert Thompson(National Geographic Society founder and fingerprinting pioneer)