Hopedale in July 2021

Hopedale in July 2021

Wildflowers by Hopedale Pond, next to Red Shop.
Thanks DJ. Yes, we're both using the latest technology for clothes drying.
New words in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary in 1921.


Click on the picture to see a page of Lillipution weddings in Hopedale.

Above and below – The always popular soda bottle rockets afternoon on the Bancroft Library lawn.

Baseball where the grass is real and the viewing is free.The haze is from the fires in the West.
Band concert on July 28.
Now and then I do PowerPoint slideshows on various topics on Hopedale history. Here I was in July doing one on Hopedale war veterans.
The G&U yard in Hopedale.

Hopedale in July 2021


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