West Street land now owned by the G&U Railroad. The picture was taken from Route 140. The road being built by the railroad, shown here, is right between the homes that were the subject of the ezine for July. The Madden house was a little to the left of this area, and the Pest House and Elmhurst Farm are just to the right. Much more land has been cleared by the railroad than shows in this picture. Click here for a page about that issue.

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Left –  Chapel Street School.
Right – Former Dutcher Street School and site of Chapel Street School.

Wow, that was an incredible amount of chestnut removed from the Parklands, after the blight had killed nearly all the trees! They still grow there, but by the time they’re 15 to 20 feet tall, they get hit by the blight and die. Below is a picture of one. There are probably at least few dozen of them, and as far as I’ve noticed, all on the west side.

New words in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary - 1922.

Here are more pictures of a Hopedale High prom at the Community House. Recognize anyone? Your great-grandparents maybe?

The first Draper Company field day, in August 1901, shortly after the town park had been built. The last one was in 1931. I presume that it was the Depression that brought them to an end. Click here to see pictures of the field day in 1922.   Here for the 1929 field day.   Here for 1931  And here for Draper field day photos on YouTube.

In 1909 the Governor entertained at his beautiful home in Hopedale perhaps the largest party of men in the public service, Republicans and Democrats, ever gathered together at such a function. There were present practically all the members of the Great and General Court, the United States senators from Massachusetts, and the members of the lower branch of Congress, and a number of gentlemen prominent in the political life of the state. Digital Commonwealth      Click here to read about Governor Draper.

Hope Street -east end
Hope Street bridge. Click pic.
Hope Street - west end
Hope Street, Northern Ireland on GBH.
Rosy from The Jetsons trying to save her job.
Boston Celtics 1956 - 57.
Bill Russell and Dr. John Cicchetti at Draper Gym.

Click here to read about Bill Russell at the Larches.

Thanks to Nancy Arone for this picture. We can see that it was a Hopedale band, and the picture was taken at the Community House, but that’s all. Well, that and that it was evidently made up of a major chunk of the Hopedale population. Click here for more photos of early Hopedale bands.

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Hopedale business ads from 1869. Click here to see more.

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Dona Neely, above left, is a Hopedale resident, and as you can see above, Executive Director of the Devens Eco Efficiency Center. Click here to go to The Great Exchange website for more, and here for the Recycle Smart newsletter.

Hopedale Pond - August 9.

The green star is one of the reinforcement plates that until last year were on the Freedom Street side of the Draper building. This one that was on a Draper shop is now on a Draper house. They’re for sale at the Little Red Shop Museum.

Reinforcement plates can be seen here beside Freedom Street in 2021.

Parklands bridge damage. The picture on the left shows recent damage to the bridge that’s near the Dutcher Street entrance. The Rustic Bridge on the right had stones knocked off of it a few years ago.

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Thanks for sending Reddy, DJ. Not just Reddy, but Worcester Suburban Electric Company. That’s where my father worked when I was a kid. First on Pond Street, Milford, and later at South Main Street in Hopedale, where it still is, except that now it’s National Grid.

Yep, bad news. You’re going to find to some place to swim for the rest of the summer other than Spindleville Pond.

I wonder what it will look like here a year from now. Click pic for Rosenfeld page

Mendon Street-Hopedale Street intersection – August 31.


Hopedale in August 2022

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