"Patrick's Corner," September 1, 2022.
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Milford Gazette, September 22, 1922.

This is my neighbor Wade with a hawk that was found in his pool. It has a broken wing and was taken to Tufts.

Locally sourced building material. Hopedale quartzite was used for the foundations for many of the Draper houses. It appears that most of it must have come from the southern end, east side of Inman Street. Click here for more.

The dinner party was held to honor Daniel Chester French when he was here for the dedication of the statue of General Draper that he had created. As you can see from the picture below, the dedication ceremony was a very big deal. Click here to see more about it.

Where was the branch library? Click on the sign to read all about it.

This portrait of Ebenezer Draper, which hangs in the Draper Room at the Town Hall obvioiusly needs work. (Actually, the Town Hall needs work too. Lots of it.) Portraits of Ebenezer’s nephews, Gen. William F. Draper and Gov. Eben S. Draper, also are in that room, and in need of restoration, but Ebenezer appears to be in the worst condition.

Words added to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary in 1922.
I'll add names if anyone is identified.

Thanks to Karen Pendleton and Carol White for the following names:

Bobby Alger 1st row 4th desk
Connie Billings 2nd row last desk
Kathy Collins 2nd row 2nd desk
Roy Morisseau 5th row front desk
Jimmy Lovejoy 4th row 3rd desk
Karen Caufield 1st row, 3rd desk
There were a lot more trees on "Adun Road" when this picture was taken than there are now.
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For more information, visit hopedalewomen.org.

The South Hopedale School. Click on the picture to go to the September ezine with the report from the school superintendent in 1922, plus news from 25, 50 and 100 years ago.

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Click on photo for a short drone video of the G&U yard in Hopedale.

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Council on Aging members, left to right –  Karen Kuligowski, Eileen Milaszewski, Director Carole Mullen, Arlene Williams, Charles Duczakowski, Dave Gugleilmi, and Dan Malloy. Also on the board are Chair Cheryl Moreci, Bob Casali and Julia Manning. The plan originally  was to celebrate the 50th birthday, but like many other things, covid prevented that.

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Friends of Historic Hopedale

The Scarecrow Fest
We’re taking the Scarecrow Fest town wide this year! Setup your scarecrow display at your own home or business and submit your address to us on our website.  https://friendsofhistorichopedale.com/scarecrow-fest
Do you want a prime spot for your scarecrow downtown? Spaces are available on the Hopedale Community House Lawn! The Hopedale Scarecrow Fest will be open to families, organizations and businesses who would like to build and enter their very own scarecrow display! Be wacky, be creative, be fun! Scary is ok! Scarecrows on your own property must be located in Hopedale, MA. Out of town businesses or residents are welcome to apply for a spot on the Community House lawn.
No entrants will be accepted after October 14, 2022.

This is a page from architect Robert Allen Cook’s blueprints for my humble abode. Workmen’s Cottages for Draper Company it says at the bottom. It was drawn and the house was built in 1913, which was three years before the  Draper Company reorganized as Draper Corporation.

Day in the Park, September 17. Click here for more photos.

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G&U crossing at Mendon Street. Stop, look and listen!
Heron by the Sudbury River. Click photo for more.

This photo shows the cast of a play about the Hopedale Community, performed on the porch of the Ballou house (owned by Jeanne Kinney at the time) during Day in the Park in September 1997. The play was written by Lee Packard. The cast, left to right – Dan Malloy, Lee Packard, Eileen Tetreault, Kent Kochon, Annette Packard, Elaine Malloy, and Barbara Kochon.


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