Click photo for more Parklands and pond photos from this month.

Old foundation by Saltbox Road in the Parklands. Click on the photo to go to a page about the road.

West side of the Parklands.
From a Parklands walk video. Click on the picture to watch it. Thanks to Jay Appell for sending it.
The Park House once stood at the corner of Freedom and Dutcher. Click picture for a page on boarding houses.
Words first in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary in 1922.
Click on the ad for a page about the company.

Click on either photo to see more Google Earth views of the former Draper site.

Click on the article for more on this matter. Much more.
Craft fair held as part ot the Council on Aging 51st anniversary celebration.

Thanks to Chris Johnson for this picture of the Hopedale High Class of 1925. Click on it to go to a page with the names, and more.

The white line on the Google Earth view of Boston Harbor shows the GPS track of where we paddled on October 6. The picture on the right was taken as we were passing the Cassin Young and the Constitution. Click here for more photos.

This picture was taken in 1910, when the distinguished Gov. Eben Sumner Draper was running (unsuccessfully as it turned out) for a second term. Thanks to Anita Danker for sending this Boston Globe clipping.

The model of the first Draper loom in this picture was made by the very clever guy sitting behind it – Dick Volpe. Click on the picture to read about Dick.

Inman Street - 1994

The date referred to in this paragraph from the MassMoments site was October 11. The year 1841 was the same year that the property to establish a somewhat similar commune in Hopedale was purchased. Brook Farm became much better known among the communes of that era, but the Hopedale Community lasted much longer. Click here for more on Brook Farm on the MassMoments page. Thanks for sending this, DJ.

Thanks to Larry Farr for taking and sending pictures of the former Draper facility in Spartanburg. Click on the picture to see more.

Click here to go to the history of the Hopedale Fire Department.

Click here to go to fire truck parade and firemen’s muster during Hopedale’s centennial in 1986.

An October afternoon in Providence. Click picture for more.

Above left – The Community House terrace colonnade in 1923
Above right – The terrace now, with a new deck surface and railings.

Witches on the Charles River, Oct 30. Click here to see more.


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