The Union Evangelical Church. Click on the picture to go to a history of it.

This plaque near the entrance to the Sacred Heart Church parking lot tells about the annual anti-slavery meeting held nearby during the time of the Hopedale Community. Click on the picture to go to a page that tells about the plaque, and the meetings.

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From Localtownpages for February 2024.
Words first included in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary in 1924.

Eva remembered having a pencil taped to her hand when her teacher insisted that she learn to write right-handed. She remembered her mother-in-law trying to show her how to wring a chicken’s neck. (She didn’t.) She had memories of working at the Brae Burn Inn. Click on her wedding picture to read more of Eva’s memories of life in Hopedale in the old days.

Google Earth view of the Draper plant in 1995. Click on it to see more recent pictures.

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Lilliputian weddings. Click on the picture to read about them.
Hopedale Pond, February 6.

Spindleville Pond

The bound stone where the borders of Hopedale, Mendon and Upton meet.

The paragraphs above, from the journal of the New England Historical Society describes perambulating the bounds in England and Wales long ago. Click here to see Hopedale’s bound stones.

Lower Jones Road, February 13. We had a prediction of a foot or more of snow. I had my snowblower ready to go, but we got so little that I didn’t even use it. Just a few minutes with a shovel took care of it.

I didn’t get any pictures of the highway department plowing after this weeks snow, so here’s one from the past, taken in front of the Draper Main Office. Thanks to Charlie Gaffney for the picture. Click here to see more.

This Worcester Gazette article was posted on the Hopedale Bulletin Board Facebook page by Thomas Gagnon, and sent to me by John Gagnon. Click here to see Hopedale icehouse photos.

Hopedale Pond
Above – February 22
Below – February 23 and 24

Recent blowdowns in the Parklands.

February 28 was the first day this year when no ice could be seen on Hopedale Pond from the Freedom/Progress end. The temperature was 58 when I took this picture. Click here to see pictures and dates from when the ice was gone in past years.


Hopedale in February 2024

   Ezine for January – Hopedale in 1924, Part 1  

   Ezine for February – Hopedale in 1924, Part 2