Kingdom Hall on Plain Street. It was erected in three days in 1991. Click on the picture for the story.

Google Earth view shows the area from Beech Street to the Town Park.
Words first included in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary in 1924.

Hester lived at 54 Freedom Street from the age of 15 to shortly before her death at the age of 100. She was probably the last person living who could remember attending the dedication of the General Draper statue in 1912. The first tv in the area was seen at her house. Click on Hester’s picture for more of her memories.

Sudbury River, Saxonville, April 1.
G&U yard, April 2.

“Many people had boats and canoes, and on weekends they might be seen paddling or rowing about the pond.” Charles Merrill, Hopedale As I Found It.

The picture below was done by Janice Rodrigues, based on what you can see by the right side of the one above.

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Thanks to Ken Wood of Upton for this picture. The George Draper Lodge was the Hopedale lodge of the Knights of Pythias.  On the Knights’ website I found that they had established camps. “…where disadvantaged children can retreat from often improvised cities and experience first-hand the awe and wonder of nature.” Evidently the Hopedale lodge had helped to support the one shown here. I have no idea where it was. As for the term “improvised cities,” what??? Impoverished, maybe they meant to say.

Spring training.

Not long after this parade was held, contruction of the Draper Gym began on the lot on the left side of this picture. Click here to read about it.

Sign posted at Draper Field.


Hopedale in April 2024

   Hopedale in March  

   Ezine for March – Hopedale in 1924, Part 3  

   Ezine for April – Henry Patrick Stores  

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