All deliveries and collections (some with large trucks) i.e. coal, ice, food, dairy, milk, trash collection, etc . took place in back of each house using the common (back) roadway with one entrance/exit near duplex #1 and the other near duplex #25.  One can see the rows of metal trash barrels in the picture.  This arrangement contributed to keeping the front of each home in pristine condition. Bill Redden.


Bill Redden sent the pictures on this page. Here’s what he said about them:

Hi Dan,

I want to share the attached pictures of the Bancroft Park area taken circa. 1900.  The Bancroft Park Draper development took place roughly between 1895-1905.  Whilst working in the Master Mechanics office during the 1960’s, I rescued these pictures from going to the trash.  They are B&W 11x 14 photos mounted on heavy cardboard.

In order to preserve them and share them, I asked Morin Studios to shoot them and convert them to digital media.  I just received the project from Morin.

You probably know that in addition to sewerage plumbing, the early duplexes were plumbed with gas piping to be used for home lighting. However, this method for lighting  was abandoned when electricity and knob & tubing wiring became

I have used the current house numbering as file names for the pictures.

If one looks closely, you can see the hitching posts on the sidewalks to tie the horses as well as horse “droppings” in the gravel streets..  Also, it is clear that only the inner circle of the Park was completed at the time the pictures were taken.  Note also that the appearance of the house lawns and gardens is immaculate which was a requirement of the Company during the employee rental period to continue as a tenant.  Any slackers would be reprimanded.

I hope you find the pictures interesting and enjoyable.  Also, Morin Studios did a wonderful job with the reproduction and enhancement of the pictures.


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