This is the earliest  mention of Boy Scouts in Hopedale that I’ve seen.

Thanks to Phyllis Foley and Matt Dykhoff for these pages from the original charter for Troop 1, Hopedale.

The Drapers were very much opposed to any New Deal programs. This is the only mention of any connection to one in Hopedale that I’ve seen. It was a minor one, and everybody is against mosquitoes, so evidently they were willing to put up with it.


Hopedale Boy Scout Troop 1 – The Early Years   

 Boys Scout Adirondack Cabins                  Troop 1 – 1966-67   

Eagle Court of Honor – 1967            Leaving for Camp – 1968   

Mt. Graylock – 1968             Camporee – 1968   

Meetings at the Community House – 1968   

Winter Camp – 1968             Awards – 1968   

50-Mile Hik e – 1969          Robinson Billings