This was taken in 1962 in front of my house (Dave Noferi) at 87 Greene Street:
Front Row L-R: Jackie Cameron, Arthur Perry, Mark Lewis, Brian Lewis & Lisa Noferi
Back Row: Jack Arcudi, Joe Hyder, Ronnie Lewis & Dave Noferi
This was taken at Hopedale Memorial School during a recess. We were 4th grade students.
Foreground:  Mike Coronet Front Row:  Steve Leoncini, Steven Lucier, Arthur Perry  Back:  Dick Philips, Jack Arcudi ( Pete Biuso & Joe Hyder barely visible )
Steve Burrill & Ronnie Lewis …. taken during a field trip to Sturbridge Village. Probably 4th graders here. Below Other pictures of the two of them are also included in various poses.
I think this was also taken at Memorial School, as 4th graders.
Front: Jimmy Johnson, David Coffey, Ronnie Lewis, Pete Biuso, Steven Lucier
Back: Fran Cormier, Mark Francis, __?__, Dwight Smith, Ronnie Stanas, Mike Coronet, Steve Burrill
After the Hopedale in November page was sent out, with a link to this page, I heard from Tim Cox. He wrote to say he thinks that the boy designated by the ? is Bobby Farrar.
Jack Arcudi & Joe Hyder at Memorial School – Fran Cormier in background
Left – Fran Cornier    Right – Jack Cameron & Dave Noferi ( Cub Scout Pack 66 ) taken at my house (David Noferi) on Greene Street.
                                    At Memorial School, 4th grade
Jack Arcudi, Steve Leoncini, Eddie Condon, Tom Grady, Kevin Wilkerson, Daryl Guglielmi, Jimmy Tower, Richard Cheschi
Taken in 1965 in front of Grigg’s residence on Greene St:
Jay Stacy ( visitor from NJ ), Jack Cameron, Dave Noferi, John Abbruzzese
Class Picture – Grade 3, Class of ’71
From top, L-R: Dave Noferi, Nancy Tower, Jack Cameron, Jaime Liberatore, Arthur Perry, Jane Philips, Jack ArcudiHellen Palumbo, Steven Lucier, Priscilla Anderson, Geoffrey Coniaris, Ann Porter, Don Howes, Gail Rosetti, Ron Stanas, Nick Ruscitti, Anne Harris, Gary Payton, Debbie Mainini, Laura Ragonese, Daryl Guglielmi, Denise Moroney, Jim Tower, Eddie Condon, Glen Kaizer, Matt Fino, James Crowther, Wayne Whyte, Kevin Wilkerson
Note – There were kids from Park Street School not included here.
Grade 5, HHS Class of 71
From top, L-R: Jaime Liberatore, Alfonse Niro, Debbie Dunbar, Jack Arcudi, Debbie Mainini, Arthur Perry, Dwight Smith, Sarah  Sample, Karen Dec, Louis Giampietro, Linda _?_ , Michael Cyr, Debbie Wright, Kevin Dec, Dick Philips, Pete Biuso, Steve Leoncini, Wayne Whyte, Eddie Roleau, Dave Noferi
Note – There were other kids from Dutcher st school not included here, probably in other class pics.

Left – in background, Lauri Williams, Steve Burrill, Jaime Liberatore   Right foreground, Helen Daudelin

Ann Harris & Ray Bosquet ( dancing ), Daryl Guglielmi & Rachel Morin (dancing to the right.) Howard Feldman (foreground)

     Ben Philips and Melissa Gould

Al Niro & date in middle. Becky Potter & date to the right

Helen Daudelin and Dave Noferi

Dave Noferi, Helen Daudelin, Rachel Morin, Daryl Guglielmi

Pictures sent by Dave Noferi