Hi Dan,

      In your listing of Hopedale Streets and Place Names for Greene Street
    you raise many valid questions and rightly so.

      In his History of Milford, Adin Ballou does not come out directly to the how
    and why on the naming or spelling of Greene Street ( see Names and
    Description of Streets).
       John Green and his family lived in the vicinity of the pond now named
    Spindleville (early 1700's). One of John Green's children, Ruth married a
    Warfield (pgs.776-780 History of Milford).

      You make the observation, that the widow Green or her late husband
    may be whom the street is named after based upon what Adin Ballou had

      Ballou ascribes the date of 1839 to the widow Green saw-mill in
    explaining Greene Street.

      This widow Green was married to a Esek Green. According to Ballou,
    Esek Green purchased the water privilege in 1803 (i.e. Spindleville).  

      I believe your observation is correct that Greene Street or Green Street is
    named for Esek Green or his wife.

      Adin Ballou in his biographical - genealogical register for Esek Green
    gave us none of his or his wife's ancestry except he and his wife came from
    Rhode Island.

      The surname Green is very common as you well know. Was Esek Green
    related to the first Green's who lived in the vicinity of the pond we now call

      John Green's daughter was Ruth and Esek Green's wife was Ruth.

      Adin Ballou spells the street Greene and yet no origin or reason for
    Greene yet he tells us more about the Greens.

    Take Care,


                      (Email from Giancarlo BonTempo, July 2008.)

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