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Map of the G&U Railroad  

G&U History by Gordon Hopper
 (Or see links further down for 142-page version.)

The G&U Milford yard – by Gordon Hopper

Edward Usher and the G&U Railroad by Hopper   

Passenger service on the G&U by George Newton

Extending the G&U from Upton to Milford   

A Ride on the G&U
, by Chester Walker, 1965

G&U 1974 Gordon Hopper article   

G&U locomotive No. 5
, and letter by Gordon Hopper

The G&U, Past and Present – 1978
 (road crossing work) by Gordon Hopper

G&U logo contest – 1979   

G&U Diesel Locomotive, 1986
– by Gordon Hopper

G&U sale and brief history
by Gordon Hopper

G&U slideshow on YouTube

G&U locomotives   

G&U bridge, Hopedale Street – Now and Then    

Depot Street – Now and Then  

G&U Station – Now and Then  

G&U History by George Newton  

More on the G&U by Gordon Hopper  

The G&U Yard in Hopedale  

Coal by Rail by Gordon Hopper   

Model train stamp
– and G&U inspired model train layout

G&U Caboose Houses  

Collection of G&U articles sent by Paul Butcher  

Milford’s Early Transportation   

Transportation in Hopedale in the early 1900s

Pictures taken in May 2008     

Pictures taken in October 2008   

Off the tracks – October 8, 2010   

The G&U Yard in Upton – June 3, 2011   

Train arriving in Hopedale on October 11, 2012  And on October 12 – YouTube

Discussion of the G&U on  

Friends of the G&U Railroad Facebook page   

The Diesel Shop
– Info on G&U locomotives

The G & U Railroad
– from Rail Lines of Southern New England   

G&U trains in Hopedale – October 11, 2012     October 12     October 22   

G&U yard in Hopedale, fall 2012   

Train coming through the Parklands – October 13, 2014   

Moving two 120-foor LNG tanks through Hopedale – June 16, 2015

G&U 173-acre parcel available for development – Hazel Street/140 to west of Mill River.

Hopedale officials fly ash concerns, 2019   

Work on the G&U in Hopedale, July 2019   

Work on the G&U in Hopedale, August 2019   

Connecting to Milford, 2020

West Street land issue July 2019-Oct 2021  

West Street land issue, Nov 2021-2024  

Grafton and Upton Railroad A 142 page book by Gordon Hopper   Chapters 1 – 5       
Chapters 6 – 8     Chapters 9 – 12     Chapters 13 – 19      Chapters 20 – 24   

Milford-Woonsocket Railroad   


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History and Pictures – Milford, Hopedale area trolleys , by Bob Heglund   More of Bob’s
trolley pictures.   

Milford and Uxbridge Street Railway – First trip

Mendon Trolley – First Trip, by Dick Grady

Milford and Uxbridge Street Railway, by Gordon Hopper

Milford and Uxbridge Street Railway map   

Milford and Uxbridge Street Railway – clippings from the Milford Daily Journal  Page 1  Page 2      Page 3  

Remains of the Milford & Uxbridge car path.   

Views of the Milford & Uxbridge line in Hopedale and Mendon   

Bridges of Hopedale Pond, including the trolley bridge.

Battery cars, Milford, Hopedale, 1892  

Trolley Trips Through Southern New England the voyage from Framingham through
Hopedale and on to Uxbridge in 1902.

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