Northrop Street - June 12, 2007

   Memorial School Field Day - Click on picture for more

    Hopedale Pond - First Day of Summer

     Picking cattails - first day of summer

     Bridges over the Mill River

   The "build to suit" project above is on Route 140 near the Upton line. On a map, the area seems like a strange little bump at the end of Hopedale, with the town line going up through the middle of the mill pond. When traveling on the road, the result of this is two town line signs only a few hundred yards apart. By the time Hopedale gained its
independence from Milford, the mill pond was probably being used for ice. It may be that ice companies in both towns thought it in their interest to have their town own the pond, and the result was a compromise.

Hopedale in June 2007
    Hopedale in
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