Fishing in the morning fog - Arnold Nealley and Richard Hoberg.

   Two turtles, evidently fighting, in Hopedale Pond, July 31, 2007. (Yes, I know - this is the page for Hopedale in August. It was just a few hours from August, though.) I watched this activity for at least a half hour and they were still at it when I left. I was in my kayak, only  foot or two from them most of the time. Click on photo for more..

   The gang at the Friends of Elders Shop. Click on picture for more.

   Band concert - August 8

   The Statue of Hope on August 14. Look carefully and you may be able to see that the fountain is running.
More pictures of the fountain.

   Greene Street

   The cupola at the high school has been removed because of a leak. Click on picture for more,  including where it went after leaving the school grounds.

   New teachers about to take the Grand Tour of Hopedale

   Tree work at the Town Park, near Freedom Street.

                     Hopedale in August 2007

       Hopedale in
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