Hopedale Pond - October 1

   Hopedale Pond - October 13

   Hopedale Pond - October 29

   The Little Red Shop on October 30. Click on picture for more.

   The pictures above show some of the parts for models of the original Draper loom, first sold in 1894. They were sent to us this week by Muriel Tinkham. We hope to find someone who will be able to assemble one (there are enough parts for more than one) so that we can have it on display at the Little Red Shop Museum.

   The high school with air vent where the cupola had been. Click on the picture for more about the cupola problem.

   This memorial bench was set up by Hopedale Pond this month.

Cross-country runners pass the Little Red Shop during an October 15 meet.

   Nice old house in the center of Hopedale. Will it still be there in a few months, or will it be replaced with a parking lot?

   Corner of Dutcher and Hope Streets, October 18. The house at 15 Dutcher Street was razed this week.

Hopedale in October 2007

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