Freedom Street - November 1

   The Mill Street Bridge project - November 2.

   Near Hopedale Pond - November 5

   The Statue of Hope, covered for the winter. Click on picture to see it without the cover.

   Duplex being built at the corner of Dutcher and Hope - November 15.

   Bob "Zeke" Hammond and Debbie Caulkins at the Town Common restaurant at the Hopedale Town Hall - November 20.

   Inman Street - Thanksgiving afternoon.

   Spindleville Pond, with a little ice - November 24.

   In August, a diving accident left Kevin Chambers paralyzed. His parents home at the corner of Freedom and Hopedale streets, shown here on November 24, is being enlarged and remodeled, largely with volunteer work, so that he will be able to return there to reside..

   Foggy day at Hopedale Pond - November 26.

Hopedale in November 2007

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