The Crystal Ball - February 2. Click on the picture for more on the ball.

   Hopedale Pond on Super Sunday - February 3.

   Water over the dam at Freedom Street - February 3.

   The Mill Street bridge project - February 4.

   The water tower and The Larches, (now Crossroads Clubhouse). Click on the picture to see the site a century ago.

   Will the G&U Railroad ever roll through Hopedale again? Could be. Click on the picture to go to a history of the railroad.

   High water on the Mill River - February 15.

   I'm not up on text messaging so I had to inquire about this one. It means that there's wireless access at the library. Click on picture for WiFi FreeSpot Directory for Massachusetts..

   Union Street - February 19.

   Dennett Street, Dutcher Street and Park Street - February 22.
                    Hopedale in February 2008

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