Looking out my front window. A little snow on March 1, followed by a lot of melting.

   Here's George Draper at the town hall. George disappeared for a few months in 1975. Click on the picture to read the story.

Statue of Hope inside its winter cover. The statue was recently visited by Prof. Kathleen Lawrence, who teaches at George Washington University and is an authority on Waldo Storey, the sculptor who created Hope.

   Death of a Snowman - Dutcher Street - March 4

   Tracks and Trees - March 4

   A good day for a swim - Hopedale Pond - March 6  Click on picture for more of the pond on that day.

   Parklands - March 6

   Tom McGovern at work at his business, TwM Computer Systems on Elm Street. No, he wasn't posing for the picture. He really was on the phone with a customer.

   March 13 - a bit of ice left, but evidently still a nice day for a swim. The last of the ice was gone by the first day of spring, March 20. The earliest it has all melted was on March 14. That occurred in 1921 and 1953. Last year the ice had all melted by March 31. Click on the picture to see an article about when the pond was free of ice in years past.

   Another sign of spring - March 17.

   There were two swans on Hopedale Pond when I took this picture on March 23, but they weren't close together, so I just got this one.

Hopedale in March 2008

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