June 1. On May 1, the price of gas was $3.55 9/10.

   On Memorial Day, the name of Mellon Field was changed to Phillips Brothers Memorial Park, in honor of Benjamin, John and Harold Phillips, who served in World War II.

   Rosenfeld Concrete Company

   The Grafton & Upton Railroad area between the engine house and the Draper parking lot. Brush has been cut and removed here during the last several weeks.

   The wide open spaces of Hopedale - June 2.

   Universal Studios East? Work has been going on at the Draper plant for the filming of scenes for a Bruce Willis movie titled The Surrogates. Click on the picture for a few comments about it on The Beantown Bloggery.
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   Berlin Wall?

   Lost dog? Dutcher Street - June 5.

   Are clotheslines making a comeback? My observations are of too small a group for that conclusion, but I know of four to go up in Hopedale in the last month or so. The picture above shows a recently rescued Draper line on Soward Street. They were in the backyards of all the Draper houses. The central part that supports the wooden arms was cast in the Draper foundry.
Here's a site with a bit about line drying, regulations against it and "right to dry" states.

   This cupola was once on the carriage house behind the Eben Draper Bancroft mansion on Adin Street. Since the 1940s, it has been on Paul Curran's lawn in Milford. Once restoration work is completed, it will go to the triangle where Adin Street meets Route 16. The job is being managed by Kevin Keating as his Eagle Scout project.

   Baby skunks on Hopedale Street, across from the Little Red Shop - June 14.

   Mendon Street - June 18

   Police station ramp work.

   Clearing the tracks for the
G&U Railroad, between Freedom Street (behind the Seven Sisters) and the entrance road to Draper Field. - June 25.

   Hopedale Pond - June 27

Hopedale in June 2008  

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