August 1 - The price of a gallon of regular gas was down to $3.62 by mid-August.

   Hopedale Airport - August 1

   Fishing near the Rustic Bridge. Click on the picture for more of the Parklands on August 3.

   The chateau at The Ledges.
Click here for Now and Then at the Ledges.

   The Community Bible Chapel. A brief history of the building can be found on the picture of the historical marker above the photo of the church. Click on the marker for more.

   Old beech in the cemetery.

   Mill Street Bridge - August 5

   August 8. Most days so far this month have looked like this.

   Back to normal - movie set gone - August 8.

   Near the banks of Hopedale Pond seems to be a favorite spot for Morin's Studios to take pictures. Here Dave from Morin's takes a shot on August 14.

   Blueberry bush next to Hopedale Pond - August 19.

   Jim Shimkus has made extensive repairs to the Little Red Shop's weather vane. He's shown here making a few adjustments as he returns it to the shop on August 31. The fire department will raise it into place on September 13.

Hopedale in August 2008

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