Maybe I'm in a rut, but I'm starting the month again with a look at the gas price at Cumberland Farms.

   Hopedale Pond - September 4

   Kingdom Hall - Plain Street

The Mill Street dam/bridge project, also, I suppose, known as the damn bridge project - September 4.

   Saturday, September 6, was another work day at the Little Red Shop. Among things accomplished: the retail area was rearranged, some work was done on the pictures that will be on the walls, Draper spindle displays were mounted high on the front wall, heating grates were painted, touch-up work was done on the weather vane, some of the ceiling was scraped and painted, the railing in the middle room was put back in place, tile, grout and cement (donated by Milford Ceramic Tile) was picked up and delivered, the inside front doors were painted, paint and picture hanging materials were obtained, a visit was made to Fairy Tales in Milford to check on display cases that are being donated to us. I've probably left out a few things, but this is enough so you can see that things are happening there. We plan to put in more time tomorrow and through the week to have it somewhat ready for Day in the Park, September 13. There will still be much to do after that, though. Those working there today were Tom and Cyndee McGovern, Sue Ciaramicoli, Karen Pendleton, Charles Mullen, James and Jill Shimkus, Larry Macomber and Dan and Elaine Malloy.

   Sprucing up the shop - September 10

   A web on the Web.

   Day in the Park - September 13.

   During Day in the Park, Bob Goss, shown above, donated the Steel Workers sign to the Little Red Shop Museum. Local 6830 represented workers at Draper Corporation. The sign was over their office in the Grants building in Milford.

   Weaving at the Little Red Shop during Day in the Park. Click on the picture for more of Day in the Park. (Loom donated by Sarah Sartori.)

   The Hopedale High School Class of 1958 donated this beautiful bench to the Little Red Shop Musuem. It was created by class member Tony Iacovelli, shown above. Thanks to Sue Ciaramicoli for the photo.

   According to the news, billions of dollars of paper profits disappeared last week, but I don't think this is a clue to where the paper went. This probably has something to do with field hockey.

Hopedale in September 2008

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