Greg Giroux works to complete the wiring at the Little Red Shop.

   The Big Red Shop seen through a frosty window of the Little Red Shop.

   Another delivery of sand for the highway department, which has been using a lot of it this winter - February 6.

   Hopedale Street - February 6.

   Moving a pile of materials removed from the West Foundry.

   Stumpy's doing tree work on Greene Street next to Spindleville Pond. I took the picture through my car windshield. The photo on the right is how it would have looked if the windshield had been as dirty as the rest of the car.

   This many cars by the pond is usually an indicator of a good day. With the temperature in the high 40s, (and maybe into the 50s) it felt like spring. Not so good for skating but a lot of fishing was done, and probably some cross-country skiers spent an hour or two in the Parklands. February 8.

   The Adin and Lucy Ballou house. For its first fifty-seven years it was at the corner of Hopedale and Peace, where Ballou Park is now. For the past 109 years it has been across from the town park at 64 Dutcher Street. Click on the picture for more about the house.

   Hopedale Pond - February 14. Click on the picture for more of the pond on the 14th.

   Draper plant - February 14.

   Mandy and Goldy

   Catnap - Winkie and Mandy

   Water over the dam - February 22

   Medical building, highway department garage, Unitarian Church, Little White Market, highway barn, glimpse of the post office, Town Hall, salt and sand shed, Mallard house - February 22.

   Nick Alexander (on left) and his assistant, Jim, are the latest in a long line of volunteers who have been getting the Little Red Shop ready to open soon as a Hopedale museum. Their project, the signpost, serves two purposes. It holds the orginal street signs for Freedom and Progress streets, the corner where the Red Shop stood for the first half of the twentieth century. The post also supports two curtain rods which will be used to curtain off a work area.

   Another busy day at the G&U/West Foundry job - February 26.

                    Hopedale in February 2009

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