Here are a few (there were many more parked in the back) of the motorcycles that participated in the MS bike run on August 2. They gathered in the parking lot of the medical building next to the library and rode to the Mount Wachusett area. For more stills, and video of them leaving, click on the picture.

   Brian from Area Glass of Milford delivered a glass top for the Little Red Shop Museum meeting table on August 3. Thanks to Joe Taddei, Area Glass, for donating it. The table was a giveaway item on Dutcher Street some months ago, and Tom Beder made a leaf for it.

Tom McGovern speaking at the first event of the renovated Little Red Shop Museum - a meeting of the Milford Area Chamber of Commerce, August 6. Click on the picture for more of the event.

   The fire station on August 7.

   Girl Scouts learn about dental care at Dr. Janko's office on Hopedale Street. Click on the picture for more.
Click here for a YouTube version.

   Earlier this evening (August 7), Tom Beder called and said he thought I might like to get some pictures of a tree that had been cut down this week in the back yard of his in-laws, Terry and Mary Howard, at 165 Dutcher Street. His ring count indicated that the tree was about 110 years old. I was going to get a picture of him on the stump, but he got me, instead. Click on the picture on the right to see the area in 1910. The tree on the right side of that picture is probably the one you see above.

   Work continues on the
G&U Railroad. These pictures, taken on August 14, show where work was done clearing the track from the bridge over Hopedale Street to Greene Street.

   Frank Fluet of Florida, his brother Norman, of Fitchburg, and Frank's wife, Sandy, (not shown) toured the Little Red Shop on August 21. Norman was the first person whose visit was made possible by the new entrance ramp.

   The porch at the north end of the Little Red Shop Museum was replaced recently. The work was done with a donation from the Milford National Bank. Joe Testa installed it at a greatly reduced price.

   New Hopedale teachers gather near the entrance to the high school on August 26.

   Electricity was out for a while in the center of Hopedale on August 27, starting around 11:15 AM. The reason can be seen in the picture above.

   The rainy weather kept the water level in Hopedale Pond high for longer than usual this year, but by August 27 when this photo was taken, it was down to where it usually is near the end of the summer.

Hopedale in August 2009

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