This year's seniors aren't waiting until spring to remind us that the end is near.

   Got cardboard? You can leave it in the cardboard container on Depot Street. Make sure you use the one marked "Cardboard." There's also a clothing container nearby.

   Ed Holland cooking breakfast at his restaurant, the Town Common in Town Hall.

   While you're at Day in the Park, come and visit the Little Red Shop Museum. We hope you'll also be able to come to the grand opening event,
Oktoberfest on October 3.

   The G&U tracks near Greene Street. The brush has been cut and chipped from Route 16 to Milford during the last couple of weeks.

   G & U tracks crossing Freedom Street, looking north.

   G & U tracks near Mendon Street.

   Drapers at Freedom Street.

   Picture taken from near highway barn, Labor Day evening.

   Hopedale Pond - September 8.

   Mill Street bridge - September 11.

   Day in the Park, scheduled for Saturday, the 12th, was postponed to the next day because of rain. Sunday turned out to be a beautiful day. Click on the picture for more.

   The Little Red Shop Museum was open during Day in the Park, and many vistors took a look at it.
  Many of the Red Shop visitors were kids who were attracted there by Mike Rutkowski, who gave away balloon animals, balloon hats, etc.

   Bill Giatas, center, and two of his employees work on a patio at the north end of the Little Red Shop. The patio was made possible by two generous donors and a very large discount on Bill's price for the work.

   Work on the G&U Railroad track continues. This picture was taken near the crossing at Freedom Street on September 14.

   Flamingo epidemic strikes town.

   Hopedale Pond - September 15.

   Members of the Hopedale High School Class of 1959 gathered for a picture after taking a tour of the Little Red Shop Museum on September 26. Click on the photo for more of the class at the shop.

                 Hopedale in September 2009

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