A little of the highway department's sand - waiting for winter.

Inside a G&U caboose near the center of
Grafton - October 3.

Ching-ching was born in or near our
backyard this spring. She's thinking about
moving in with us.

The Friends of Elders Shop is in the Town
Hall, Depot Street side. It's open from 10 to 1,
Thursdays through Saturdays.

Arnold Nealley leaves Hopedale Pond after some
early morning fishing with his friend, Dick Hoberg.
After a few days of rain, the pond is higher than it's
been in a long time.

             Hopedale in October 2010

    October 1 story - The District Nursing Association   .

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There was a bit of a problem with a G&U tank car next to the
140 crossing in Grafton on the afternoon of October 8. What?
Grafton again? Well, the plan is for the line to run through
Hopedale again, eventually, and I thought you might be
interested. If you are, you can click on the picture for more.
article in TheDailyGrafton.com stated that the derailed cars
were carrying phosphoric acid and alcohol.

By federal law, (
G&U owner) Delli Priscoli noted, the railroad
is required to carry any kind of cargo requested of them.

"It would be nice if we could say we only wanted to carry
Barbie dolls and stuffed animals, but we can't," he said.

Early morning fisherman - 10-10-10.

Hopedale Pond, about 7:30 am, 10-10-10. Click on
the picture to see more of the pond on October 7.

The Rustic Bridge - 10-10-10.
Click on the picture to see more
of the Parklands on October 10.

For more pictures of Hopedale Pond in October,
here for the 13th and here for the 19th.

Northrop Street at the corner of Oak.

South Hopedale Cemetery

 Hopedale Pond - October 24.

Repair work to the dam at Freedom
Street is underway - October 25.

I was paddling about a quarter-mile upstream from the Rustic Bridge
when I saw this guy looking at me. He stayed right there for about a
minute and I was able to take seven pictures (without hurrying) and
paddle closer before he finally decided to go - October 26.

Rustic Bridge - October 28

Click on the picture to see a slide show of
Hopedale Pond in October on YouTube