Near the dam at Hopedale Pond - November 1. Click on the
    picture for more photos of the project to repair the dam.

Dutcher Street - November 1.

Larkin home - Adin Street.

Wesley home - Dutcher Street.

    There must be something
    good to eat at the park.

Work on the dam continues - November 4.

Hopedale in November 2010

November 1 Hopedale Story - To Tolstoy and Beyond    

November 15 Hopedale Story -
Nicola Sacco   

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    Christmas cactus inside;
    ash tree outside.

    This house at 50 Plain Street recently sold for $80,000.
    It was once the South Hopedale School. It probably
    won't be there much longer. Click on the picture to see it
    when it was a school, and here to read more about it.

Colors of summer, fall and winter - November 8.

    Space Aliens Attack West Foundry - or maybe
    the camera moved while I was taking the picture

    Unitarian Church - November 12. Click here to read
    a Milford News story about work on the bells.

    Hopedale Pond - November 17 Click on the picture
    to see more of the pond on the 17th. Click here to
    see a video of the pond taken on the 18th.

    I wasn't up early enough Saturday
    morning  (Nov. 20) to get a picture of the
    car in Hopedale Pond. (It was out of
    there long before sunup, I think.) You
    don't mind my faking the car in the water,
    do you? Okay, I need more practice at
    that. The bottle at that spot was probably
    just a coincidence, but ... Click on it to go
    to the Milford News story along with the
    usual bunch of zany comments.

    Click on the picture for more views of
    Hopedale center taken from up near
    the Unitarian Church steeple.

Spindleville Pond - Photo by Jim Ronan.

Hopedale Pond - Surf's up - Pond close to full - November 24.

New water department building off of Greene Street.

    Thanks for mentioning that, DJ. I've walked by that tree
    near the Dutcher Street entrance to the Parklands many
    times without noticing that it's looking at me. Nice hat.

Thanksgiving - a little skim of ice on the pond.