The Martin family stand by their just-completed
snowman. The New Year's Day temperature
that was well into the 50s left the snow wet and
sticky. Just right for making a snowman

Three new houses on Dutcher
Street near completion - January 1.

The Draper yard - January 1.

                 Hopedale in January 2011

            January 1 Hopedale story - Oakledge, 1905

             January 15 Hopedale story - The Governor   

    February 1 Hopedale story -
Tour of Hopedale, 1906


Hopedale Pond - Warm, foggy
Sunday noon, December 2.

The new water department facility off
of Greene Street - January 3.

The Lovejoy house on Park Street, replacing
the one that burned months ago.

Hopedale Pond - January 5.

Hopedale Pond - January 8

Last month I mentioned that I'd start doing a picture or two from
neighboring towns each month. This one is a bit more distant than I
intended, but DJ and I were out
geocaching yesterday and were in
the area, as shown by the marker, where Massachusetts, Rhode
Island and Connecticut meet. As the picture was taken, DJ was
standing in Massachusetts (Douglas) while reaching his hands
into the other two states. I took the picture from Rhode Island, or
maybe I was in Connecticut...or both.

A view of Inman Street from my front window
on January 12 at 8:30 AM. The snow is
expected to continue for the rest of the day.

A view of my back yard taken about the
same time as the picture above.

Inman Street later in the day.

Hopedale Street - January 13

The Little White Market - January 13.
Click on the White Market photo for more
pictures of Hopedale on January 13.

Formerly the Dutcher Street School - now
condominiums. January 15.

Draper plant by Freedom Street.

Hopedale Pond - January 15

January 18 - more snow. It's beginning to
look like it could be one of those winters.
Click on the picture to see more snow.

The moon gets around. There it is over the
Community House, over Drapers at Freedom
Street, and over Howes Welding, Bancroft
Park. January 17.

The Henry Patrick house, Hopedale Street. Click
on the picture to read about Patrick's Store.

January 21 - Another day, another snow storm.
This one left about six inches. Above - the town
hall as seen from the high school parking lot.
On right - the high school.

The Mill River at the Thwing Street bridge.

Moon over Lake Street - 7:30 AM, January 23.

Draper at Hopedale Street - January 23

Town Park, Park Street and Park Street School.
(The school is now named Bright Beginnings.)

Looking west from the bottom
of Depot Street - January 25.

Inman Street from Lower Jones - January 25.

Some of the snow that has been removed
from the streets is shown here, piled up in
the Draper Field parking lot - January 26.

Dutcher Street - More snow, January 27.
Click on the picture for more.

No, not this year. This picture shows damage from an ice
storm in Hopedale in 1921. Click on the picture for more.

My guess is that the buses were parked on
Hopedale Street so that the lot where they
are parked (near Prospect Street, behind
the Dutcher Street apartment house) could
be cleared of snow.