A new month; a new snowstorm  - February 1.

 A good day to walk to work - Dutcher Street.  

    Snow blower on the carport roof - Inman Street - February
    1. The good news is, no more snow until late tonight.

February 2 - The groundhogs couldn't find their way out of the
snow today, so I had to settle for a picture from last summer.

                   Hopedale in February 2011

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Patrick's Bought by Rico Calarese  

                          March 1 story -
The Case for Milford

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More from Groundhog Day. I could probably be using the
same snowy pictures over and over. Actually, now it's
worse than just snow. It was snowing earlier this morning,
but it's turned to rain. The picture shows what I see when I
look out my back window. Snow on the porch roof.

Birdbath. I haven't noticed any birds bathing there recently.
Thanks to the guy in the white Ford pickup who saw me shoveling
out the end of the driveway, and stopped to make a couple of
passes, which made quick work of some very wet, heavy snow.

Lower Jones Road - February 2. Like lots of
other places, the icicles are getting longer.

The snow piles are getting rather high at the sides of the
roads. In the distance (left center), my neighbor Manny is
helping neighbor Bob clear the end of his driveway. I'm the
neighbor you can't see, standing behind the camera. Eleven
inches reported for Milford for the Tuesday-Wednesday storms.

"The worst ice dam I've ever seen," he said. He'd already
removed a lot of it by the time I took the picture, and he
had a long way to go.

Meanwhile, next door, snow was being shoveled
from the roof of the medical building.

 Hopedale Country Club- February 4.

 Sacred Heart Church  

Neighboring town picture for February. St Gabriel, the Archangel
Catholic Church in Upton. When construction is completed, it will serve
as the Catholic Church for Mendon and Upton, replacing Holy Angels
and St. Michael's. Click on the picture to go to the church website.

Removing snow from the roof
of Draper Place - February 6.

February 8 - Just a little reminder that
winter isn't over. About three more
inches fell overnight.

At last, a picture without snow. Dr. Janko's staff
celebrates his birthday with a sixties themed
party at the office. Click on the picture for more.

Thanks to Terry Studer for these before and after
pictures from the front of her house at Bancroft Park.

The bridge got hit again??? Is it going for a world
record? Hard to tell where the damage was, but
maybe that little thing a bit below the 10'-6" sign.

Click here to go to wowbrary.org   When
you're on the site, you can put in your ZIP
Code to sign up for libraries in your area.

There's been a lot of melting this week, but there's
still plenty of snow in these piles near the highway
barn, and everywhere else. - February 19

Ice fishing on Hopedale Pond, February 23. Did they
have any luck? Click on the picture to find out.

There's been some melting during
the past week, but some of it has
been replaced by a few inches of
snow last night. - February 27