April 1 - A little snow to start off the month.

Neighboring town photos for April. Upton State Forest.  
Above: The roof of one of the
CCC buildings collapsed
due to the weight of this winter's snow.  Below: a mill
pond dam and a beaver dam in the state forest.
here to go to the Friends of Upton State Forest website.

                Hopedale in April 2011

  April 1 Hopedale story - Hopedale Leaves Milford   

                 April 15 Hopedale story -

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April 1 - 11 AM  When I went by later in the
afternoon, the gas price was up to $3.52.9

Hopedale Pond and Parklands - April 3.

Union Street - April 7.

Repairing the Freedom Street
gate at Drapers - April 7.

Hopedale Pond - April 14.

Town Park - April 21

The wind in the willows - April 21.

Hopedale Village Cemetery on the
foggy morning of April 26.

A few hours later, though, it was a
good day for sitting out in the
sun....or cruising around looking for
something to eat.

Others just felt like flying in circles for a while.

Birches near Lake Street.

April 27 - By the next day, the gas price had risen to $3.89. If
you'd like to see what the price has been in the past few years,
here are links to some month pages. On some pages, you'll
have to scroll down a bit to find the Cumberland Farms picture.

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Here's a rare look at what the Draper houses looked like before
the addition of the asbestos shingles.  Dutcher Street - April 29.

Adin Ballou house, Dutcher Street. - April 29

Although Hopedale is a long way from Westminster
Abbey, some folks around here dressed for the
royal wedding, including Claudia shown greeting
the happy couple from Dr. Janko's office.

Hopedale Street - April 29.