Hopedale Fire Station - June1.

Sign at the corner of Adin and Hopedale streets.

One of my former neighbors, who is back for a visit, stopped at the
house this morning (June2) and asked for a little help returning
this snapper to the pond. She had seen it near Dutcher Street.

According to the neighbors on Dutcher Street, this wasn't the
first time a snapping turtle has turned up in the yards this
week. Evidently, it's egg laying season. Carol encouraged
her into the container with a rope. Thanks to Andrea for the
use of the container. She had used it for another turtle (or
maybe it was the same one) this week. We released it down
near the bathhouse.

As we were returning the turtle to the pond, we
passed a couple of Canada goose families.

           Hopedale in June 2011

           Memorial Day parade on YouTube.

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Hopedale High School graduation - June 4.
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Here's some of the lightning that flashed
during the storm on June 8. The pictures
were taken from the third floor room in
my house on Inman Street.

Mill River and Hopedale Pond - June 6.

Memorial School field day - Grades
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Hopedale Pond - June 16.

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No longer necessary to bring that long pole out every
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New siding for Draper Place.