The Statue of Hope getting its annual cleaning - July 1. The
Carrara marble is soft and needs to be handled very carefully.
Fortunately, Louise (in blue top, on right) is an expert on this
kind of work. Click on the picture for more about the statue.

Neighboring town photos for July - This
month from Grafton. The beach pictures
are from Silver Lake next to Route 140.
The historic marker is near the Civil War
monument in Grafton Center.

 Town park wall.

Helicopter over my rhododendron - looking for someone,
evidently. It hovered for some time up over Route 140
near Fallon Clinic around 9 am, July 6. Maybe they were
looking for
the mailbox building arsonist. Not long after
taking this picture, I saw a policeman with a dog walking
along 140 near DeLuca Road.

                  Hopedale in July 2011

       July 1 Hopedale story - History of the Parklands   

             July 15 Hopedale story -
The Draper Era   

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 Hopedale Pond - July 7.   

The playground at Town Park on the evening of July 13.
The band concert had been postponed, but the weather
cleared up and it was a good night for swings and slides.

Fire department drill at Hopedale Pond on
the evening of July 13. Photo on left shows
'"victim" in the water. Also shown are canoes
and kayaks that are available for rent at the
pond on Wednesday evenings.

Band concert - July 14. Music by "Drama."
Canoes and kayaks for rent at the pond on
concert nights. Only $3 per person, I was told.

 Indian-pipe, by the Parklands road near Freedom Street.

When I was a kid, building huts in the woods was a favorite
activity. Here's a recently built one in the Parklands.

Kent Kochon leads the Fantasy Big
Band during the July 20 concert.

A couple of  Bradford pear trees were taken
down on Dutcher Street on July 26.