Hopedale Pond - January 2. Click here to see what
the pond looked like during the first week of 2011.

Hopedale in January 2012

Hopedale in January 2011

January 1 Hopedale story - Library History

January 15 - Yankee General, Southern Belle

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The Parklands forestry project got underway
off of Overdale Parkway on January 2.
here to see more pictures of the work.

That's frost on my window. Nine degrees and the furnace
wasn't working when we got up this morning. Fortunately it
was taken care of by 10 and the house hadn't cooled much.

That's Adin Ballou's desk. He did an amazing amount
of writing there. It's in the trustees' room at the
Bancroft Library. It was donated to the library in 1918
by Mrs. George H. Davis.

Neighboring town photo for January - This is a cranberry bog, under
construction. There was an article about it in the Milford News a
while ago, which I'd link to but I haven't been able to find it. The bog
is on Milford Street/Route 16, across from Taylor Rental. An 1885
report on agriculture in Mendon says that there were 71 acres of
cranberry bogs in town at that time.

The Hersey stone in Hopedale Village Cemetery. Heman Hersey,
an employee of Henry Patrick's Store, was said to be the last
person in Hopedale to have smallpox. That was in 1901. The stone
shows that he survived the smallpox, not dying until 1963 at the
age of 87.
Click here to read about Heman and the Pest House.

Collecting deposit containers for
Little League baseball - January 7.

Accident scene -  Dutcher Street  
between Elm and Lower Jones -
Saturday evening - January 7.

Click here
for the Milford News
story on the accident.

Hey, that's me at the library, going through a pile
of town reports. Thanks for the picture, Sara.

  Nice ice, but not safe yet - January 16.

The 17th. - seems like this always
happens. Above - morning.  To the
right - afternoon. By the 18th the
snow was gone and the ice looked
as good as it did on the 16th. A little
more snow on the night of 19-20.

  Setting sun shines on snowy shingles.

   Dutcher Street - A few inches of snow on the 21st.

 Hopedale Pond on January 22.

Hopedale Pond on January 24, when
the temperature reached 57 degrees.

  Friday, January 27, warm and heavy rain.

Spindleville Pond, January 29 - a
little ice, but mostly open water.

Adin Ballou's desk, New England Magazine, April 1891.