New sign at South Hopedale Cemetery.

Beech Street, May 6.

Hopedale Pond, May 6

Here's a bit of Hopedale trivia. I noticed a while ago, while walking by the shop on Freedom
Street, that the windows have granite sills. Well, that was  nothing new to me, but what I hadn't
noticed before was that the windows come down to the sills on the upper three floors, but not
on the bottom floor. My guess is that it was a change they made after water poured through
there in the 1955 flood. You can see in the photos below why they'd want to do a little something
to cut down the damage if it happened again.
Click here for more pictures of the flood.

Neighboring town photos for May - The Franklin
Historical Museum -
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Hopedale in May 2012

Hopedale History Ezine for May 1 - Cemeteries of Hopedale and Milford

Ezine for May 15 - Hopedale Center Facelift

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Thanks to Terry Studer for the birds.
The hummingbird is shown at a feeder
in her yard on
Bancroft Park. She took
the pictures of the oriole and the
redwing near the
Rustic Bridge.

"Super moon" photo taken in Mendon
on May 5 by Marc DeWitt.

May 7

May 7.

The Puritan - Ladies' Parlor, Community House.

Another rainy-day game - May 9.

Science et Progres - Reference Room, Bancroft
Library. On the right, you can get a glimpse of
the recently uncovered Statue of Hope.

Senior release - May 14.   
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Click here to see more of the May 20
fishing derby at Hopedale Pond.

Tie replacement work on the G&U Railroad
reached the Freedom Street crossing on May
Click here to see a few minutes of the
work on YouTube. Thanks for the call, Howsie.

Time for breakfast - May 22

Waiting for the kids to get out - Adin Street, May 22.

Near the driveway to the Gannett and
Ellis homes on Freedom Street

Hopedale Village Cemetery Superintendent John
Foley instructs Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts on the
placement of flags on the graves of veterans.

Memorial Day - Click here for
video and stills on YouTube.