A new sidewalk for the town hall - June 1.

Hill Street, June 2 - Rebuilding where a house burned in February.

Neighboring town photos for
June. The Quinsigamond River,
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Hopedale in June 1962

Hopedale in May

Hopedale History Ezine for June 1 - The Princess Bride  

Ezine for June 15 -
Local News, 1920  

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Yellow flag - Hopedale Pond

Field Day - Memorial School - Grades 4, 5 and 6 - June 14

Flag Day - Atria-Draper Place - June 14
Parklands bat house

Photos by Terry Studer

Ruby, an African gray parrot at Atria-Draper:Place.
Photo by DJ Malloy

Joanna tending to her flowers - June 21.

Rainbow pictures taken on June 23
by DJ Malloy (above and left, Inman
Street), and by Terry Studer (below,
Bancroft Park).

Inside the new Greene Street Water Filtration
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Hopedale High School Class of 1952 -
60-year reunion.
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William Belforti, Raymond Midgley, Jossphine Bracci Milller, Richard Whitney, Robert Butcher, Kenneth Kinsley