Hopedale Village Cemetery - October 30.

    This has been a particularly good year for Christmas cactus.
    Actually it might be better to call it Halloween cactus.

It's November and I still have a few roses blooming in the front yard

Ghostbuster - click here to see a few more Halloween visitors.

Hopedale in November 2012

Hopedale History Ezine for November 1 - Foundry Operations.

November 15 -
The Remains of the Trolley Path

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Spider on plywood.

Rosenfeld Concrete

There's still a little color here and there.

November 5

November 7

Squirrel enjoying a snack outside Atria-Draper Place  - November 8.

    Neighboring town views for November - the
    Blackstone Canal in the River Bend Farm
    area in Uxbridge. Click here for more.

November 9

Replacing the crossing at Bancroft Park - November 14 - 15.

Adin Street

Part of a recently built barrier between the railroad yard and nearby houses.

Plain Street

Evening sky, Inman Street - November 16.

Hazardous waste collection - November 17.

"Third fireplace" - Parklands

    It was a cold and windy day, but not bad
    enough for these guys to stay indoors.

    Left - November 26 - The first day I
    noticed ice on Hopedale Pond.

    Below - November 27.

    On left - undated Milford News photo,
    probably from the 1950s or early 1960s.

    Below - Northrop Street, November 19