December 1

Hopedale in December 2012

More pictures will be added during the month

December 15 Hopedale ezine -
First Town Report

December 1 Hopedale ezine - Selling Draper's Railroad

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    Neighboring town photos for December. Why is
    there a greenhouse at the new park between
    Route 122A and the Blackstone River in South
    Grafton? Click here for more pictures and an
    explanation of the canal cleanup project being
    conducted there.

December 3

Plain Street - start of work on ice arena  - December 1.

Hopedale Pond - December 4.

Cooking lunch at a Parklands fireplace - December 5.

HIghway barn   12-12-12

Community House

    Council on Aging holiday party at the Community House -
    December 13. The hula hoop girls are Blackstone Valley
    Tech students who were the waitresses for the party.

Plain Street - Work for the ice rink continues -December 15

Community House and Unitarian Church Christmas trees.
Comunity House tree photo by Terry Studer.

December 28. Photo by Terry Studer.

    I thought it was time for a new compost bin, so this
    is what I put together this week with free materials -
    pallets and clippings from my apple trees.

December 30