Mia always seeks out a little extra cushioning.

    South Hopedale School - "This building is now in first class
    condition, with plenty of room for fuel, supplies and apparatus.
    A fence has been built to include the land given to the Town in
    1892 by Mr. Samuel Gaskill, and the wall on the north side of
    the premises has been put in good condition. Under our
    arrangement with Mr. Gaskill, the Town is to furnish the division
    fence and keep it in condition." Town Report for 1893.

    The wall between the school and the cemetery in the photo at
    the left is on the south side of the school, so it's not the one
    referred to in the town report. The building on Plain Street was
    sold to the Lussier family in 1935,and was their home for many

Ice rink construction contunues on Plain Street.

    Neighboring town photos for
    February - Main Street, Milford.
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Hopedale in February 2013

Hopedale history ezine for February 1 - The President Visits Hopedale   

Hopedale History ezine for February 15 -
The Drapers in Boston   

Ezine for March 1 -
School Report, 1909   

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    February 3 - I've only used my snowblower once this winter. Above, you
    can see a bit of the dusting of snow that came down last night. On a
    quick trip to Vermont yesterday, there wasn't any snow on the ground
    until we got to White River Junction, and then probably no more than
    two or three inches all the way to Burlington.

Hopedale Pond - February 3

Above, morning - Below, afternoon.

    Yes, it's February, but not this February. From the Malloy family
    album, the Blizzard of '78. The snow came down on February 6 and
    7 that year. I didn't have a snowblower then, but since I was 35
    years younger, it didn't much matter. The ones on the left, below,
    were taken a day or so after the 1978 storm. The ones on the right
    are from this year, February 6. Thanks for calling and suggesting
    that I put this on for the 35th anniversary, DJ. (Those are my kids,
    DJ, and CeCe, and neighbors Lee Dowgiewicz and Lenny
    Garabedian in the pictures.) Here are some links for more looks at
    the blizzard.

No, the cat's not
dead. She just likes
to roll around in the
street like that.

    Removing the Christmas lights from
    the Unitarian Church tree - February 6.

Big storm arriving - February 8, 1 PM.

    Last game for a while. Snow was
    coming down, but it wasn't really
    as bad as it looks in the pictures.

    DJ, thirty-five years later. Lee and
    Lenny weren't available this time.

February 9.

Above and below - Dutcher Street, February 10.

Inman Street - February 10

Clearing snow off the roof at Draper Place - February 10.

Sedimentary snow? February 12

    Turkeys, a common sight in Laurelwood,
    out for an afternoon stroll - February 16.

Visiting animals day at Atria-Draper Place.

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    February 25  - Not much snow fell,
    but it was wet and stuck to the
    trees for a few hours into the
    morning before it was gone.

A fairly good couple of weeks.