Reno Baci's amazing bird houses on display at the Bancroft Library.

Beech tree - Hopedale Village Cemetery

Hopedale in March 2013

Hopedale history ezine for March 1 -  The Superintendent's Report, 1909   

Ezine for March 15 -
Plans for the Community House   

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    The dam at Spindleville, and
    Spindleville Pond - March 1.

    Neighboring town photos for March - The
    Draper plaques at Milford Hospital.The
    plaque to the left is near the large portrait
    of Governor Draper between the gift shop
    and the  elevators.

    Some snow fell on March 7 - 8.
    The temperature prediction is
    for the 40s for the next two
    days and the mid-50s Sunday
    and Monday, so it shouldn't be
    on the ground for long. Click
    here to see more snow.

Ten inches of snow on Friday. Basketball on Monday.

    Hope and Hopedale streets. In the early Hopedale days, when
    a stranger came to the place, he was directed to Mr.William
    Humphrey's for food and lodging. The house occupied by Mr.
    and Mrs. Humphrey stood just where West Hope Street is, and
    was torn down when the street and the bridge were built. Susan
    Thwing Whitney, Hopedale Reminiscences.

    That's the Humphrey house to the left. Evidently the name "West
    Hope Street" was used for the part of  the street that was west of
    the intersection with Hopedale Street. The Humphreys were
    quite prominent members of the Hopedale Community. The
    Hope Street Bridge was built in 1901-02.

    West Hope Street - Seems like it would be a good idea to revive
    that name, considering the two ends of Hope Street haven't
    been connected since the bridge was taken down.

    Crocuses and a little spider - signs of spring
    taken by Terry Studer on March 11.

    Spindleville Pond, on the left, and Hopedale Pond,
    below, March 13. Spindleville had a piece of ice,
    perhaps twenty feet across, floating at the upper end
    on the 12th, but it was all gone by the 13th. There was
    a skim on the edge on the 15th.

    Hopedale Pond on March 15. Click here to see when
    the ice was gone, this year and other years.

    The Rustic Bridge on St. Patrick's day, sent
    taken by Terry Studer. Terry commented on
    the cold weather and the low water.

    Here's one of four very attentive third grade classes
    I spoke to about Hopedale history on the 18th.

    Howard Street, March 19. That's Howard Street, Hopedale, off of
    Mellen Street; not Howard Street Milford off of Route 140. Click
    here to see Now and Then at Howard Street/Charles River.

First day of spring! Baseball here soon.

March 21

Here are a few more of Reno Baci's birdhouses at the Bancroft Library.

Track ready to become the crossing at Route 16.

A last look at winter.....maybe.

    While an Easter egg hunt was going on at
    Atria-Draper Place on Saturday, the 30th, kids
    could hunt for more in the fire truck outside.

Project at the old dump. Click here for more.