Clearing brush and trees for the
    capping job at the dump. Click here
    to see more.

Dutcher Street

Hopedale in April 2013

April 1 Hopedale History Ezine - 1913 Strike at the Draper Company   

April 15 ezine -
The Lake Street Development   

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    Article 16 - On motion of Mr. Clare H. Draper it was

    That the town do construct Northrop street in
    accordance with the laying out heretofore accepted and
    allowed by the town, and that the sum of $10,000.00 be
    raised and appropriated therefor, and that the road
    commissioners be authorized and empowered to
    make a contract in the name and behalf of the town for
    such construction. Town Report, 1908.

Town Park - April 4.

    Enlarging the caboose house on Overdale Parkway. Click
    here for more on the two caboose houses in Hopedale.

    Neighboring town photos for April - the Grafton
    History Museum. Click here to see more.

Town Park - April 5.

The Parklands - April 7.

    Mother walks while babies (on left)
    swim - Hopedale Pond, April 8. Also
    Hopedale Pond on the 9th below.

    The Hopedale Highway Department
    doing the annual spring cleaning of
    sidewalks and streets.

    These houses on Inman Street
    were built 100 years ago.The
    porch roofs on the one in the
    foreground were changed from
    shed style to peaked a few
    years ago. The stairway at the
    bottom right isn't in the early
    view because the house there
    was built later.

    The Draper Company also built
    houses ca. 1913 on Jones
    Road, Lower Jones Road,
    Northrop Street, Freedom Street
    and Maple Street.

Click here for Milford News article on the Distractology trailer.

Kids' fort between Freedom Street and the dump.

    Here's another nearby event for the month - the Boston
    Marathon in Natick, a couple of hours before its tragic
    ending. Click here for more scenes from Natick. Most of you
    will recognize the Hoyts in the picture on the left. I had my
    camera ready because runners in front of them were letting
    everyone know that they'd be coming by in a few seconds.

Hopedale Pond - April 17.

    Sorry to say these will be the last pictures from Terry Studer. She'll
    be moving out of the area in a few days. Hope the move goes well,
    Terry. Thanks for the great photos you've sent during the past year.

Blue heron, Hopedale Pond - April 27.