Neighboring town photos for July - Many of you who live in
    this area have probably seen and wondered about this
    lone grave, shortly after leaving Northbridge Road,
    Mendon, and continuing on to Mendon Road, Northbridge.
    See below for more information on Revolutionary War
    veteran Nathan Streeter.

    The front step of the Old House original home of the Hopedale
    Community at Adin Ballou Park.

    The Ladies' Auxiliary Society having donated a historical relic, in the
    shape of the front doorstep of the "Old House," to the town, the park
    commissioners have placed the same on the Ballou lot, as an
    interesting reminiscence of the earliest house erected in the town. A
    suitable descriptive tablet will be erected later. Report of the Park
    Commissioners, 1903.

Capping the dump - click here for more.

    Plans were made for this bath house, with the idea of using lumber from the old ice
    house (on the same site) for a large part of the frame and sheathing. During the
    taking down of the old ice house, the building caught fire, burning so rapidly as to
    endanger the men on the roof, and also preventing the removal of the tools and
    implements stored therein. The extra expense involved in building the bath house
    on account of this loss, and the added loss of the tools themselves, approximated a
    total of $300, and there was no insurance. The bath house was ready for use early
    in the season, and has been very well patronized. Mr. Durgin, our superintendent,
    has been in charge, and has kept the actual detail of the number of baths taken and
    the parties having baths. The total for the season figures 1971, the greatest in any
    one day being 79. Report of the Park Commissioners, 1904.

Hopedale in July

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Hopedale History Ezine for July 1 - Adam Mesmeheimer   

Hopedale History Ezine for mid-July -
Report of the High School Principal, 1910   



    The South Hopedale school was very badly out of repair and with few facilities for the school work. Water was only to
    be obtained through the courtesy of neighbors living at quite a distance from the building. A well was located by
    parties acquainted with the premises, and although some extra expense was incurred by striking a ledge, the job
    was all the better when completed. Having been dug in a very dry season there is good reason to suppose the
    supply to be unfailing. From previous inattention to the roof, the plastering had become very badly stained, cracked,
    and in many places loosened. The blackboards were unfit for use. This has been entirely taken of and replastered
    and the blackboards so made that they should last as long as the building. The outhouse was so far gone that we
    were obliged to replace it with a new one. Report of the School Committee, 1886.

    July 7. It looks like a good year for raspberries in my
    backyard. I'm going to wait for the sun to get lower in the
    sky before I do any picking.

    We recommend for the year 1902 an appropriation of $13,5000, this to
    include transportation of children in the upper grammar grades from
    South Hopedale, supervision and continuation of the kindergarten. Report
    of the School Committee, 1901.

    July 13 - DJ said, "Three skunks just went into the raspberry bushes." On the
    assumption that they were familiar with the idea that they are supposed to give a
    warning before spraying, I got my camera and went out. By the time I got there,
    they were moseying out the other side. I took four pictures; none of them very
    good, but they went under my kayak and weren't in any hurry to come out, so
    here's the only one I got of all three. Skunks around here have a lot more white
    fur than seems typical. In the past I've seen some that were almost entirely white.

    In view of the disorder attending band concert evenings in the past, the park commissioners felt it
    necessary to take special precautions to prevent such annoyances during the present season. It, of
    course, essential that quiet and order be preserved, to enable those who enjoy music to hear it properly,
    and we are glad to note a decided improvement in these essentials. Report of the Park Commissioners,
    1904. The audience appears to be reasonably orderly in the picture above, taken 99 years later.

    Work on the G&U Railroad crossing at Route 16 (Mendon
    Street) was done on the night of July 17-18.

The crossing the next morning.

    About 40 years ago I made the mistake of planting two apple trees in my
    backyard. The amount of spraying you have to do to get apples anywhere
    near being fit to eat is endless. Four years ago I planted two pear trees
    along the south side of the house. So far I'm convinced that pears are a
    much better choice. Last year I got 25 from the semi-dwarf and none from
    the standard. No spraying and they were all fine. This year there are many
    more on the semi (I haven't tried to count) and three on the standard.
    Standards normally take longer to bear than semis.

    To make the run to Grafton, the conductor had to throw a switch at the end of Soward
    Street, let the car move onto the Grafton line, and throw the switch again to leave the
    Uxbridge line open. In zero weather, this could also be an adventure.

    Soward Street had a double track, as did the part of Hopedale Street in front of the
    factory, as a great many employees came by the means to their work. The extra cars
    would go to Soward Street, manipulate the change of direction and return to the car
    barn, located on East Main Street in Milford,and wait to be called out for evening service.
    Transportation in Hopedale in the Early 1900s. An anonymous paper in the Bancroft
    Library Hopedale history collection.

    Edmund Soward was a member of the Hopedale Community. He was considered to be
    the Community's agricultural expert.

    A pile of plastic ??? at the recycling center. What is it?

    Trees have been planted on some of the tree belts
    recently. These are on Lower Jones Road.

Dutcher Street

Hopedale Pond - July 21.

July 26 - A busy day at the G&U yard.