Henry Patrick             Westcott   

    Neighboring town photos for August - Goat Hill lock,
    Blackstone Canal, Northbridge. This and the Millville
    lock are the only ones remaining out of more than 40
    that were part of the canal when it was built. Elsewhere
    the stones were put to other uses, but these locations
    were a bit too remote for anyone to go to the trouble of
    moving them.

    The body of Sgt. Dominick Licari, killed when his plane hit a mountain in New
    Guinea, was returned to Frankfort, New York last week. The story reminded me
    of Lt. Col. Robinson Billings. Many of the men killed in World War II remained
    buried overseas, but his body was returned and buried in Hopedale Village
    Cemetery in 1948. Click here for more on Col. Billings.

The sky over Hopedale Pond - August 3.

    Some litter we found floating near the Rustic Bridge. Pabst
    Blue Ribbon, Naragansett. A blast from the past.

Work on the exterior of the bathhouse has been done recently.

The G&U yard - August 3.

Hopedale in August 2013

Hopedale History Ezine for August 1 - Last Days of the Legion   

Ezine for August 15 -
Hopedale in 1913   

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G&U yard - August 7

    I hadn't seen a shagbark hickory around here since a couple of
    them were taken down back when Jones Road was extended
    to 140. Today I saw this one and a couple more in the woods
    behind Prospect Street.

    Cutting brush along Northrop Street.

    Article 4 - To see if the town will vote to accept and allow the laying out of a town
    way to be called Northrop Street, extending from the present Northrop Street, so
    called, easterly to William Street, as reported by the board of road commissioners,
    or take any other action in relation to the layout of said way. Town Report, 1907

    Originally, Northop Street just went up the hill about as far as the Northrop house at
    the corner of Park Street. This article refers to the extension of it to where it meets
    Freedom Street. At that time, what is now called Williams Street was then known as
    William Street.

    Peace picnic at Adin Ballou Park, August 4 - Thanks to Bill Wright
    for sending the photo above, and to Tony Alves for the others.

    Above, from left, Dave Meade, Buzz Tremblay and Bill Wright.

    On left - Jeanelle Wheeler reading her winning entry in the  Adin
    Ballou peace essay contest.

    Below - Anthony Alves playing one of his two songs.

    While DJ and I were looking for several stones at Hopedale
    Village Cemetery for the Find A Grave website on Sunday,
    the 11th, this piper provided some entertainment. He was
    piping the entire time we were there.

The skating rink on Plain Street is nearing completion.

    In History of the Hopedale Community, p. 129, Ballou tells of several purchases ot
    land in 1844, ending with,  "The third and most important tract was the Amos Cook farm of
    108 acres lying directly south of and contiguous to our territory with an outlying wood lot of
    twenty three and a half acres, for which we paid $3,000."  This description places the
    Cook farm in the area where Cook Street is now located so it seems quite likely that that
    was the origin of the name. Click here for more on the Cooks and Cook Street.

Sunflowers in the compost bin - August 12

Digging into reading at the Bancroft Library.
Thanks for the picture, Jody.

    One of my pear trees, now in its fourth year since I planted it, has
    done pretty well this summer, so I've been drying some of the
    pears during these sunny days. Very good. Almost like candy.

    The Larry Olsen Summer Classic 10 K- August 17. Above - Parklands.
    On left - town park. Click here for results for Tri-Valley Front Runners.

    Sunset from Chapel Street, August 17.
    Draper shop on the left.

    Council on Aging birthday party for
    residents 90 and older - August 27.