Neighboring town photos for October - the
    Mill River in Blackstone. Here it its about
    halfway between the point where it leaves
    Hopedale and where it arrives at the
    Blackstone River in Woonsocket. Click here
    to see where it disappears underground for
    about a quarter-mile before it gets to the

    Well, this obviously isn' t Hopedale. I saw it in the parking
    lot at Green Airport and couldn't resist getting a picture. If
    you'd like to see much more on it, here it is on YouTube.

    This one is a little out of Hopedale also. Fiske Mill Road. A gentleman
    was standing by the road waving to cars to warn them and give this
    guy (or girl, maybe?) a chance to get to the other side alive.

Hopedale in October 2013

Hopedale History Ezine for October 1 - Peter Moore.  

Ezine for mid-October -
Hurricane of '38   

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Hopedale Pond - October 9

    On October 9, Brenda Sullivan of the Gravestone Girls gave
    a very informative talk on cemeteries and gravestones to a
    near capacity crowd at the Bancroft Library.

    Rep. John Fernandes, Peter Ellis, and Sen. Richard Moore at a celebration
    of 90 years since the opening of the Hopedale Community House.

Hopedale Pond - October 13

The Parklands - October 13

The Mill River, about halfway between the Rustic Bridge and Route 140.

Click here to see more fall color along Hopedale Pond.

Freedom Street near the Mendon line - October 18.

Hopedale Pond - October 21

    I was paddling downstream on Hopedale Pond during a bit of rain on October 22 when
    I heard some honking and saw these geese going over me. They were heading in the
    other direction and doing their usual, but rather amazing job of keeping in formation.

Sox fans head out for first game of Series.

Looking north from near the G&U crossing at Route 16.

And back to the pond one more time - October 27.

Looking from Milford over Hopedale and into Mendon - October 26.

Dutcher Street looking toward Freedom Street and Town Park - October 29

And leaves gone by the next day.