Neighboring town photo for December - the Buma-Sergeant Funeral Home.
    Now I could have included this for December because it's a great looking old
    house, decorated for Christmas, but actually I had another reason. The recent
    publication of Paul Curran's book of many of his Milford history articles included
    one titled Milford's Other Librarians, and it begins with the following paragraph.

    The house of B. D. Godfrey, built by him in 1854, still stands today at the top of
    Pine Street - number 42 Congress Street - the home of Mr. and Mrs. Richard
    Buma. From that earlier household would come two of the early librarians of
    Wellesley College, and from that house, Melvil Dewey, the designer of the
    Dewey Decimal System, would be married. Paul E. Curran, Milford Chronicles.

    Paul's book can be purchased at the Milford Library and on

    On the November page, I included a picture of a medicine label for our cat with the
    warning that he shouldn't drive or operate heavy machinery while on it . (No problem
    there so far.) A couple of days ago I noticed another interesting warning. This one
    came with our new water heater. Seems it could be damaged if you drive your car
    into it. I'm in luck. I don't have a garage, and I'm not likely to get the car into the cellar.

    And here we have yet more neighboring town photos.
    The mysterious Upton cave. Unlike our last visit a year
    ago, it was much drier this time and we got all the way in.
    Click here for more.

December 1

Hopedale in December 2013

December 1 Hopedale history ezine - Demise of the Country Store   

Ezine for December 15 - Abandoned Home-sites

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The Statue of Hope, under cover for the winter.

Community House inside and out.

    December 7 - The Parklands - It might be hard to tell
    in this photo, but the guy was riding a unicycle. It took
    me a couple of seconds after he passed us to get my
    camera out of my pocket and get the picture.

Fitzgerald Drive - December 10

Hopedale Village Cemetery - Burial service for my brother-in-law, Normand Piette - December 10.

A little snow on the holly by my front steps - December 10.

Dutcher Street - December 10

    Water Department employees working
    on a leak at the intersection of Inman
    and Tammie - December 14.

    The temperature was 15 when
    I took the last picture. It hasn't
    been much warmer all day.
    Snow has been coming down
    for much of the day and 6 to 8
    inches is expected overnight.
    Most, or maybe all of these
    guys will be plowing after the
    water main job is done, so
    they'll be out all night and
    probably well into the day

    It hadn't occurred to me that the ice was safe until I saw
    some people out on the pond fishing earlier today. (Saturday,
    December 14) Late in the afternoon, these folks were getting
    some skaing time in before the ice is buried under snow.

    Inman Street - December 15 - Between five and six inches of very wet snow fell
    overnight. Happy to say my new snowblower worked very well. It's an Ariens and has
    several features that are an improvement over the Husqvarna that I used to have.

    Goodbye, Ozzie. Neighbor cat Ozzie visits me often
    when I'm in the yard. He's moving this week..

    Above - Town Park with some work going on in 1909. They had a
    baseball diamond well before that, but must have been improving it.
    Below, with some snow falling on it on 104 years later

December 18 - Yesterday's snow on Ballou Park. (And on Ballou, too.)

Runners passing the library - December 19.

    The recently restored portraits of Joseph and Sylvia
    Bancroft at the Bancroft Memorial Library. Click here
    to read the Milford Daily News article about it.

The Christmas train, about to leave Hopedale for Upton and North Grafton - December 20.

    The Unitarian Church and a bit of the Community House. Winter arrived about
    an hour before this picture was taken, but it was a balmy day in the mid-50s.

Look at that smile. I guess he hasn't noticed the temperature.

A few puddles on the ice wasn't enough keep this fisherman at home.

    Here's the snowman mid-morning on the 22nd, about 18 hours after he looked so young
    and healthy in the previous photo. The temperature was 61.when I took today's picture.

Hopedale Street - December 14

Freedom Street