Click here for more clouds over Hopedale. Have your sound on.

    The main door on the Hopedale Street side of the Draper plant, seen
    from inside the former Draper Main Office, now Atria-Draper Place.
    That's Ruby, the parrot, in the cage. Usually there are curtains in the
    window, but they're down because of painting being done in the room.

    Maroney's Grove was in the location shown above, but the shelter wasn't
    there in 1916. According to the Park Department history, that was built in
    1923 at a cost of $432.

Hopedale in September 2014

More photos will be added during the month.

Hopedale history ezine for September 1 -
Coal by Rail    

September 15 ezine -
Home Building - 1977   

Hopedale in August

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    Neighboring town photos for September -
    Kelly's Farm, Route 140, Upton.

    Just a little thought for the day. It's from the Union Street
    Cemetery in Franklin. I haven't seen anything like it in
    Hopedale Village Cemetery. These things change over time
    and perhaps had gone out of style before the 1840s.

    This may be difficult to read, but it's another Adin Ballou.
    This is also from the Union Street Cemetery.

    I've noticed that the Hartford Avenue School has been
    mentioned a few times in recent months on one of the
    Hopedale Facebook pages. Here it is on September 1,
    still a school, though I think there have been a couple
    of different businesses there since it was last used as
    a Hopedale elementary school. I'll look for some
    Milford News clippings about it and add them here
    when I find them.

    7 Oak Street. That's where I grew up. The last time those boards were exposed
    to the light of day was in 1941. It looks smaller without the white siding.

    Above - Spindleville Pond, September 1. Left - The pond
    in July 2010. Generally by August it's completely covered
    with duckweed. That didn't happen this year. My guess is
    that it's because this summer it didn't get as hot as it
    usually does. Below - A Milford News photo of the pond
    in 1997.

    According to a Wikipedia article on duckweed,
    "Duckweed is an important high-protein food source for
    waterfowl and also is eaten by humans in some parts of
    Southeast Asia." If there's a better crop next year, let me
    know if you have a good meal of it.

    Actually, duckweed has some good points. Here's a link
    to the Wikipedia article in case you're wondering what
    they could possibly be.

Here's a look into Bob Erickson's van on Dutcher Street.

Day in the Park - September 6

    Here's a little error from the site. It
    keeps showing up here and there. The Parklands aren't anywhere
    near 1/3rd of the area of the town. It's probably closer to 1/12th.

Geese over Hopedale Pond - September 9

    Litter and vandalism at Fisherman's
    Island again - September 9.

    There's still a bit of "Draper green" on those
    shop wall reinforcements along Freedom
    Street. Must be a lot of lead in that paint.

    September 11 program at Atria-
    Draper Place. Click here for more.

    Some people make a mess and there are others
    who try to make things look a little better.

    Thanks to Kathi Wright for sending this item from Ebay. Click here
    if you'd like to place a bid. I promise not to compete with you.

By Westcott Road

Hopedale Pond - September 18

Ferns and woodland asters - The Parklands - September 19

A little fall color by the Rustic Bridge - September 19.

    Hooking up the old wires to the new pole. You can see the old one was leaning
    quite a bit. They put up a new transformer, too. Fortunately Elaine was able to get
    her green tomato relish made in spite of a little interruption. September 20

The Parklands - Saltbox Road - September 22

    And here's 7 Oak again. Looks good with the siding done. .
    Below is a picture my mother painted of it when she was taking
    lessons taught by Doris Cox at the Community House.

    September 28 - I wonder what the white stuff is. Lots of it on Dutcher, Beech, Elm and Inman.

    September 29 - I was told that it's a lawn fertilizer spill. For a couple of seconds I was thinking
    maybe a broken bag at the back of a truck, but seems more likely that it was a liquid.

Town Park - September 28.

    The Ledges - Click here for some history of the place and
    here for 30 photos and more info on the Remax site.

    I was walking through the Parklands
    when I heard the train coming. There
    were three locomotives and at least
    eight wallboard cars. Unfortunately I
    didn't have enough time to get to a
    better location so I could get a picture
    of the entire train. September 29.

Near the Rustic Bridge - September 29