The new owner of 68 Dutcher Street is having a bit of work done there.
    The pictures below (from the Bancroft Library Hopedale history
    collection, donated by Hester Chilson) show the house c. 1905. Click
    here to see more of them.

    Looks like it should be a good year
    for raspberries. The neighborhood
    groundhogs are probably thinking
    that, too.

    I have lots of pears, too. Good thing
    groundhogs don't climb trees.

    Dr. Park and staff celebrate one year in Hopedale on July 1. Park
    Place (at the medical building in the center of Hopedale - formerly
    Dr. Janko's practice) is the only dental office in Hopedale. Thanks to
    Brenda (holding Let's take a PEEK balloon) for sending the photo.

    Above - The Roper factory at 25 Northrop
    Street - photo probably taken in the 1920s.

    Right - The same location now..

    The Draper Corporation field days began in 1901, soon
    after the opening of the town park.. The last one was in
    1931. I presume the Depression was the reason they
    ended. For the next two years, carnivals were held, but that
    ended with the one in 1933.

    Archery at the park used to be out by the big
    ash tree. I think I hit the target once or twice.
    Thanks to John Larkin for the clipping.

Hopedale in August 2015

More photos will be added during the month.

Hopedale in June   

Hopedale history ezine for July 1  -
A Plaque for the Old House   

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Vanilla Coke   

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    Dutcher Street and Hopedale Street -
    decorated for the Fourth.

    The clipping is from 1990. I don't think they
    were doing the "evictions" for long after that.

Route 16, Mendon - July 5

Solar farm, Route 140 near Upton line - July 5.

Town park - July 5

Click here for more about the Draper fire stations.

You can borrow this telescope at the Bancroft Library.

Morse code activity at the Bancroft Library - July 8.

    Here are before, during, and after photos of a smoking demonstration that I did at the library. The after
    photo shows what the tube, bottle and cotton balls look like after "smoking" eight cigarettes. The bottle
    is squeezed and then allowed to return to its regular shape, which causes it to "inhale" the smoke. I
    had a few other things going on, assisted by three volunteers, but I kept so busy with the cigarettes that
    I didn't get a chance to get more pictures, except for the Morse code one.

Moving a loaded car with a front-end loader.

Freedom Street - July 11.

    I started picking raspberries on the fourth and we've been eating them
    every day since then. Elaine made this jam this morning - the eleventh.

Hopedale Pond - July 12

    Summer-Fall Schedule for the Daniels Farm in Blackstone. To get to
    the farm from Route 16 in Mendon take Providence Road. Just
    outside the center of Mendon, turn right on Blackstone Street,which
    will bring you to the farm shortly after crossing the line into Blackstone.

Foggy morning - July 14

    The presiding genius of this "Happy Valley" is Adin
    Ballou, who has spent the prime of his manhood in
    efforts to practically demonstrate the advantages of
    associated labor.  He is a man of enlarged,
    philanthropic views, guided by a clear head, and
    governed by principles.  We think he is not fully
    appreciated by the great world - and perhaps this is
    consequent upon his being shut up in his little world of
    Hopedale.  The Woonsocket Patriot, May 1855

    Bancroft bunny, hopping along on a Bancroft
    Park lawn on Sunday morning, July 19.

    It's sometimes interesting to track down how people find their way
    to this site. Here's an example. A book discussion on Reddit led
    Pyre-it to find this page on Princess Boncompagni. And as you
    regulars here know, she was the daughter of William Draper, not
    George. George was her grandfather.

    Saturday, July 25   8am-12pm   at Hopedale Pond
    Blackstone Valley Youth Fishing Derby    for ages 3-15

    Summer Camp at the Pond
    Boating, Archery, Fishing, and more     for girls and boys ages 5-15
    2 sessions still available.  Call 508-529-5901

Hopedale Pond - July 21. Here are a few more photos.

    Photo of a bulk carrier in Everett by my son, DJ. If you live in New England
    and any of your old cars were junked, they probably went through here.

    DJ said,  The bulk carrier Cyrenaica G. tied up at the docks on the Mystic
    River in Everett. Crushed cars are sent here, where they are shredded and
    sent overseas in a recycling operation.

The lights are on, but nobody's home.

Pickerelweed - Hopedale Pond

The Rustic Bridge, Hopedale Pond - July 23.

    Alley Oop, 1952                                                                                Alley Oop, 2015.

    Oop hasn't aged a day since 1952. Maybe there really is something to that paleo diet.