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    Needs work. Trips down back roads occasionally turn up surprising sights.
    We were near Populatic Pond, probably in Medway when we saw this.

Words that first appeared in the Merriam-Webster in 1970.

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    This picture is from the 1913 Hopedale town report. Click here to see
    a few more. The tradition continued, at least into the late 1940s.

Hopedale Pond, May 1.

From the June 2020 issue of Consumer Reports

    Work on extending the G&U Railroad track to
    Milford has been continuing. These pictures
    near the Milford end were taken on May 3.

    Posted on the Hopedale Bulletin Board
    page on Facebook by Don Howes.

       Coronavirus cases by town - First number - Jan 1 - May 6
                          Second number - Jan 1 - May 27

                                                  From The Boston Globe

    Bellikngham - 96    118

    Blackstone - 29    43

    Douglas - 29    42

    Framingham - 1159    1625

    Franklin - 98    120

    Grafton - 63    87

    Holliston - 44    56

    Hopedale - 22    39

    Hopkinton - 104    115

    Marlboro - 581    918

    Mendon - 15    27

    Milford  -  470    609

    Millville - 13    13

    Northboro - 150    204

    Northbridge - 206    300

    Shrewsbury - 240    306

    Sutton - 38    47

    Upton - 15    24

    Uxbridge - 55    65

    Westboro - 251    323

    Worcester - 2989    4681

Click here to see the Clean Up Hopedale Facebook page.

    Yes, those little white specs are snow. May 9.
    It stopped shortly after I took the picture.

Parking lot in NYC in the 1930s. Thanks, Peg D.

Thanks, Bruce G.

This house is in Millis. Click here to see a few more of them.

Thank you, DJ.

    I don't often put a picture of myself on this site, but since
    this recent one is the best one I've got, I thought, why not?.
    For an opposing viewpoint, see Judge Judy.

Blooming little Beech Street.

    GOOD NEWS for you folks who are fans of selvedge denim woven on Draper looms, and
    used to make your $300+ jeans. Here are a couple of paragraphs from an article posted
    on the Heddels website this month.

    The closure of Cone Mills White Oak Plant shook the denim scene to its very core. Not
    only had one of the most beloved denim mills in the world closed, but a stalwart exporter
    of American-made textiles disappeared in what seemed like an instant.

    While the textile world has been lamenting the loss of a denim giant, Vidalia Mills has
    been planning the return of American selvedge with the very same looms that sat on the
    floor of White Oak for nearly a century. Located in Vidalia, Louisiana, the mills is a forward-
    thinking project that looks set to become a huge part of the denim scene not only in
    America, but the world.

    EG: We have 46 Draper X3 looms, 40 new Picanol looms, and 30 vintage Picanol
    President shuttle looms. This is the number of looms we need to reach our target of 7
    million yards of fabric a year. We will use the Picanol President looms for some novelty
    selvedge fabrics, and the Draper X3 looms will continue to weave the finest selvedge
    denim in the industry as they have done for many many years.

    Here's a link for those who would like to see the entire article on the Heddels site.

Thanks, Billie D.

I just received another big batch of these in the mail from CeCe.

    A fourteen year old cotton mill worker in Lowell in 1911. Click here for
    more pictures from that era on the Massachusetts page of a site called
    Only in Your State.  If you'd like to see pictures from other states, here's
    their homepage.

Beyond Full at the Hopedale Town Hall

    Click here to go to a video of the Hopedale High
    graduation parade. Thanks to Doug Scott for it.

Memorial Day 2019

Memorial Day 2020

Memorial Day - early twentieth century

Memorial Day 2020

Photos from past Memorial Days

in Hopedale   

in Mendon   

    Sixty-eight years after Ray Midgley wrote about doing
    "a four year stretch" at Hopedale High, his words
    were sent back to him, in the form of these pictures.
    Click here to see the story about it, more pictures,
    and more names from inside the desk.

    Social what? Today (May 26) we took the kayak for a
    little paddle on Slatersville Reservoir and the Branch
    River. These kids were jumping off at the abutments
    from a railroad bridge that was once there. I wish I
    had video of the one below. Hard to count,, but I think
    he did three somersaults before he went into the
    water. Click here for more pictures.

Thank you, DJ
From the Boston Globe

    Click here to see another Doug Scott/Lakesideranch video. This one
    features Hopedale Parklands waterfront area, Friends of Historic
    Hopedale mural project, the Hopedale Park Commission landscape
    work, and some guests that were out for a family training session.
    Enjoy the natural views, and the painted artwork by award-winning
    artist Annabelle O'Reilly (in process).
66 Adin Street
40 Highland Street

Hopkinton - May 31