Now the Larkin home
Gov. Draper home   and the Eben Draper, Jr. home  

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Horribles parade lined up by the Draper Main Office.

    Here's a page of one-liners, published in the New
    Yorker in February 2019 that sounds like it's from
    this April or May. Here's a bit of it below.

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    Door to the Colburn family mausoleum. Click
    here to see who's buried in Colburn's tomb,
    and here for more about the Colburn family.

    Click here to see over 1800 names/photos from Hopedale
    Village Cemetery on the Find a Grave website.

Words first defined in the Merriam-Webster in 1920.

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    answers to your recycling questions.

From Localtownpages - Hopedale - July 2020


    286 Mendon Street, Blackstone, MA 01504

    The Daniels Farm Farmers’ Market begins July 5th and continues every Sunday,
    11am to 3pm, through October 4th. Doris’s Kitchen is open 11:30 to 2:30 serving
    grilled franks, burgers (both Angus beef and veggie) Italian sausage with peppers &
    onions, cold beverages and all the fixins.

    The following vendors will be participating:

    Oakdale Farms (Quality Produce), B Food (beautiful artisan breads),Three Sisters
    Farm and Ellen’s Hooked Rugs (Goat’s Milk Soap, handmade rugs, crafts), BV Cats,
    The Fudge Lady, Wante Orchard & Apiary/Three Little Wrens, Overpass Farmers.
    Chaos Farm (alpaca products) begins September 6th.

    Given the current covid-19 restrictions we have taken appropriate precautions
    according to both CDC and MA Dept. of Public Health guidelines. We ask that guests
    practice appropriate social distancing while on our property and wear masks when
    coming in close contact with vendors.  

    Our indoor tours have currently been suspended due to covid-19; however, we do
    encourage our guests to walk the property and observe the historic nature of the
    building we care for.

    Currently the following special events will take place as follows:

    July 12, Wildlife walk with naturalists Kathy Barton and Beth Milke
    July 19, Blackstone Valley Concert Band
    July 26, Boston Mycological Club

    Daniels Farmstead Foundation’s continuance relies heavily on our amazing
    volunteers, members, and donors. We always have room for more volunteers and
    are currently looking to add to our close-knit family. Whether it be working in the
    garden, selling our beautiful produce, or working in Doris’s Kitchen you can help
    contribute to the preservation of one of the Blackstone Valley’s historic gems.

    Please follow us on Facebook @ Daniels Farmstead Farmers Market or reach out to
    Justine @ 508-726-2042 for more information.

July 7

Driveway in Upton.

    "The pond is open!" Those were exciting words to hear for
    Hopedale kids through much of the 20th century. Click here
    to read the memories of Carol Stobeck Fannelli and Priscilla
    Knight Elliot about Hopedale in the summer long ago - the
    pond, the park, the neighborhoods.

Another ball game - Friday, July 10.

Beyond Full, Town Hall - July 12

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    Cedar Hill Farm, formerly the Pearson family
    farm, on Quissett Road, Mendon. Click here
    to see more photos and a history of the farm.

    A stranger to this town I came,
    And left my father's house and home.
    To heal the sick my mind was led,
    And now I'm numbered with the dead.

    Daniel Thurber, M.D., Bicknell Cemetery, Harford Avenue.

Town Hall - Depot Street side.

    "In the name of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, you are
    hereby directed to notify and warn the inhabitants of said
    Town, qualified to vote in town affairs to meet outside on the
    lawn of the Community House, located at 43 Hopedale
    Street, Hopedale, MA, 01747 on Thursday, June 25, 2020, at
    five o'clock in the afternoon ..."

    If you are one of the inhabitants referred to above, you were
    also notified and warned that the meeting date was changed to
    July 21, as shown in the photos. Click here for more.

    Above - Sign on fence of former Draper
    property by Hopedale Street.

    Below - Page that shows when searching for
    the above DEP number.

    Giant drone hovers over Hopedale High graduation crowd -
    or maybe it was just a little drone, close to the camera.

Hopedale High graduation - July 25
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G&U Hopedale yard - July 31